Digital age must not abandon pen, paper

E-readers are efficient, but they can't beat the experience of reading a paper book.

Chicago rockers take listeners on inter-galactic ride

I Fight Dragons features old-school science-fiction movies and TV shows in its music video for “Save World, Get Girl.”

‘Ender’s Game’ return shows early promise

The popular sci-fi novel "Ender's Game" will be turned into a feature film and released next November.

Pretty Lights provides taste of future

Pretty Lights displays sci-fi concept with album art and electronic music.

‘Looper’ re-defines sci-fi, targets mature audience

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in "Looper," a sci-fi movie that tackles the similar tropes of the genre in new, unprecedented ways.

About 2012 Arts Issue

WSN's arts editor discusses his inspiration behind this semester's Arts Issue.

Fox’s ‘Fringe’ leaves mark on network genre television

FOX's series 'Fringe' shows successfully delivers a meticulously crafted plot line.

No space for sci-fi on New York stage

Perhaps the minimalistic effects and brevity of theater is not enough to wow audiences eager for high-tech, profound sci-fi.

Predicting ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ soundtrack

WSN presents a prospective soundtrack to "Star Wars Episode VII," comprising 2012's best songs.

S.H.I.E.L.D. delivers ‘The Avengers’ excitement on small screen

Hungry for more adventures in the Marvel universe? A new show, "S.H.I.E.L.D." may be part of the television line-up.

‘American Horror Story’ creates new breed of genre hybrid

This season's "American Horror Story" combines aliens, an insane asylum and Anne Frank.

‘Gravity’ elevates sci-fi films to new artistic level

“Gravity,” a sci-fi movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is sure to be one of next year’s most intelligent entries in the sci-fi genre.