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Directed by David Feige, Untouchable is a documentary that examines sex offender registry laws.

‘Untouchable’ Questions the Unspeakable Truth

April 22, 2016
"Untouchable" is a vital documentary that chronicles sex offender laws and those affected on all sides.
WSN discussed AWOL, which premieres this week at Tribeca Film Festival, with actress Breeda Wool (pictured) and director Deb Shoval.

Tribeca 2016: Deb Shoval and Breeda Wool talk ‘AWOL’

April 19, 2016
Director Deb Shoval and star Breeda Wool sat down with WSN to discuss their new film "AWOL" which is screening at Tribeca Film Festival.
All this Panic, directed by Jenny Gage premiered last week at the Tribeca Film Festival, depicts the lives of seven teenage girls, and explores what it is like growing up as an adolescent girl.

Tribeca 2016: ‘All This Panic’ is Heartfelt and Stunning

April 19, 2016
"All This Panic" is a documentary that follows a group of girls for three years as they grow up in New York.
Triple 9, a new film directed by John Hillcoat, follows a group of corrupt police and criminals as they are blackmailed by the Russian mafia.

‘Triple 9’ Collapses Under Weight of Its Own Star

February 25, 2016
"Triple 9" fails despite star-studded cast.
Kodi Smit-McPhee stars as Jay Cavendish in “Slow West.”

Smit-McPhee talks indie films, ‘X-Men’

April 28, 2015
Kodi Smit-McPhee, star of the Tribeca Film Festival film “Slow West,” spoke with WSN to discuss his previous experiences working with celebrity talent and his upcoming role in “X-Men: Apocalypse.”
Najaa Bensaid, Athalia Routier and Galatéa Bellugi, left to right, star in “Being 14.”

‘Being 14’ not as innocent as it seems

April 22, 2015
Hélène Zimmer's feature debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, "Being 14," portrays a realistic narrative of being young, when the smallest things from gossip to parties are the only elements of life that matter.
The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival lasts from April 15-26.

Tribeca Film Festival hosts range of events

April 15, 2015
The Tribeca Film Festival is starting on April 15 and will include 101 features and 60 short films. This year, the festival will give a platform for underrepresented voices in film, such as how women directed 25% of the films for this year's edition.
Sam Jaeger wrote, directed, and starred in his short film “Plain Clothes” as the lead character Officer Cole.

Short film delves into officer psyche

March 11, 2015
In Sam Jaeger's new short film, "Plain Clothes" displays a realistic, emotional portrayal of the constant struggle police officers face, in trying to separate their work lives and personal lives.

Livin’ la vida loca: Madrid

February 26, 2015

Going abroad should be a time of hard work and educational pursuits, but don’t let intellectual activities keep you from having a blast in a foreign country. At NYU Madrid, one...

Chaotic ‘Hits’ fails to deliver humor

February 12, 2015
In David Cross' debut directorial film, "Hits," the characters strive for fame, by today's standards.
Jody Lee Lipes’ “Balley 422” follows Justin Peck’s creative process as he builds his troupe’s show.

Alum pulls back curtain on ballet

February 3, 2015
Director Jody Lee Lipes, who graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts in 2004, discussed his new film, "Ballet 422" and NYU's role in his cinematic career.

Upcoming film fests around the city

January 26, 2015
With awards season concluding, a series of film festivals, including the Athena Film Festival and NYU's Fusion Film Festival, are taking over New York City.
‘The Imitation Game’ boasts rich emotions

‘The Imitation Game’ boasts rich emotions

November 26, 2014
"The Imitation Game" avoids falling into "Oscar bait" tropes
Special proves Peretti’s comedic power

Special proves Peretti’s comedic power

November 18, 2014
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Chelsea Peretti delivers laughs and poignant social media commentary in her new Netflix special.
“Rosewater” depicts power of journalism

“Rosewater” depicts power of journalism

November 13, 2014
Despite its problems, Jon Stewart's directorial debut succeeds in showing the power of truth and journalism
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‘Broad City’ features realistic female characters

November 6, 2014
"Broad City" features three-dimensional female characters
Dan Harmon, creator of “Community,” released “Harmontown” on Oct. 3. // via wikipedia.org

Dan Harmon on past, latest work

October 15, 2014
Dan Harmon discusses taking "Community" from television to online
Fresh air, fun outdoors

Fresh air, fun outdoors

October 9, 2014

Hiking If you are looking to escape the chaos of New York City’s streets for a much calmer and serene space this fall, head up to the Cranberry Lake Preserve...