Malan Breton S/S 2017

“Severance: 1. a breaking off 2. a division into parts 3. the act of severing”

The Taiwanese designer divided his showcase into two separate parts, a concept reflective in the name of the collection: Severance. While the room was small and confined and the amount of attendees was almost uncomfortable, Breton still seemed to achieve a successful presentation of both parts of the collection.

The collections sat on opposite sides of the square room with the models facing eachother, the attendees and a single woman cellist making up the space between. While the concepts of the two collections were entirely different, Breton’s distinctifying Taiwanese inspired silk prints present in both collections successfully blended the two parts together.

On the east side of the room stood a large group of models in head to toe suits showcasing Part 1: Spring/Summer 2017. The collection, made up of mostly silk organza, golden silk weave and reconstructed denim, was inspired by the Academy Award winning film “Alice’s Restaurant”. The precise stitching, smooth cuts and elaborate asian-inspired designs created a suit fit for royalty.


On the west side of the room stood a smaller group of models sporting a mix of intermingled underwear, sportswear and suitwear. Breton called this Part 2: The Butterfly Effect. This part of the collection was inspired by an evening walk in Taiwan’s orchid island forest. Breton described being struck by the sparkling of the lush greenery in the nighttime, and the soaring of butterflies through the forest — a picture reflected almost perfectly in design patterns on the apparel. The same design was used among the mix of neoprene, denim, and eco-friendly dyed silk bazaar to show the designer’s attention to the physical greenery he was attempting to mimic in his clothing.

Overall, I left impressed by Breton’s interdisciplinary attempt at high-fashion with attention to nature. His Taiwanese roots were made evident throughout his collection and allowed Breton to secure a distinct look among the rest of the fashion world.

Tatiana Perez is the Video Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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