New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The entrance to The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City with a bus on the street in front of it.

NYU leading initiative for migrants seeking asylum

Students, faculty and staff at the university will be able to help migrants file for asylum in the U.S. immigration system amid the city’s crisis.
Adrianna Nehme, News Editor September 6, 2023

NYU is leading a handful of New York City higher education institutions in helping migrants navigate the often complex process of seeking asylum in the United States, as the city...

Illustration of a torta milanesa on a blue plate, with a geographical outline of Texas and a Mexican flag in the background.

The balancing act between familiar spaces and homesickness

Help that homesickness; a first-year gives their tips on finding comfort and embracing the familiar at NYU.
Leeann Mclemore, Contributing Writer September 27, 2022

In the excitement of getting my acceptance letter from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, I only thought about the world of new opportunities and connections I would...

An illustration of the Phone app on an iPhone. The number for NYUs Bias Response Line is being dialed.

NYU bias hotline ensnared in war on ‘wokeness’

Former NYU student Rikki Schlott, a New York Post columnist, criticized NYU’s bias response line for hindering free speech. NYU and its students are confused as to why.
Connor Patton, Contributing Writer September 9, 2022

During her appearance on the HBO talk show “Real Time” last month, former NYU student Rikki Schlott conversed with host Bill Maher about the political leanings of her generation...

The webpage of the Housing Solutions Lab with a video of the launch event attended by the founders.

NYU Furman Center lays foundations for affordable housing

The Furman Center’s Housing Solutions Lab announced its second Peer Cities cohort, which aims to improve the affordability and equality of housing in small to mid-sized cities.
Tori Morales, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

The Housing Solutions Lab at NYU's Furman Center, an institute for public policy research, announced its second Peer Cities Network cohort on March 24. The cohort, which officially...

A group of protesters in Foley Square at the Civic Center. On the right, a black banner with the names of trans people of color painted in white. In the center behind a row of people is a banner with blue, white and pink details. On the right, a lady stands with a trans flag tied around her shoulders like a cape.

Opinion: It’s time to give trans people respect, agency and autonomy

Transphobic bills have continued to pass through state legislatures, but American democracy should be protecting transgender people, not oppressing them.
Aarna Dixit, Staff Writer March 23, 2022

On March 1, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed state officials to start handling certain medical treatments as child abuse crimes. These medical treatments include gender-affirming...

An illustration of the Washington Square Arch. Behind the arch sits gray and brown alternating high-rises. On the top right are the words “The Daybook” in an arched shape.

What to do this week: Jan. 24-30

The Daybook is WSN’s weekly column listing in-person and online events at NYU and across New York City.
Kristian Burt and Rachel Cohen January 24, 2022

A conversation with Olympian and NYU alum Tom Feng 12-1 p.m. on Zoom Free, open to all members of the NYU community Tom Feng, a U.S. Olympian, is joining an alumni panel...

In light of Texas passing a law banning abortions after six weeks, many memes comparing the law to the novel The Handmaid’s Tale have been posted on social media. These memes ignore the people most historically impacted by reproductive rights — people of color. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: White women, Texas is not your personal ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

In response to a Texas law banning abortions after six weeks, many white women posted memes comparing the law to Margaret Atwood's novel “The Handmaid's Tale.” But these memes ignore the history of those most affected by this new law: people of color.
Srishti Bungle, Deputy Opinion Editor September 9, 2021

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law in May banning all abortions past the six-week mark and allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers, abortion seekers and those enabling...

Transfers’ Journal

Transfers’ Journal

A collection of short narratives that give an insight into the lives of transfer students, discussing the concepts of transferring from another university or another school within NYU, where it is often difficult to situate in.

Journal Entry #1 By Ashley Wu Admitting that I was lonely felt like defeat. When I transferred to NYU in the fall of my sophomore year, I ignored all the warnings from my friends...

Directed and co-written by Annie Silverstein, “Bull” centers around 14-year-old Kris who discovers a passion for bull riding with mentor Abe Turner. “Bull” was released last week and was meant to be screened at SXSW. (Photo courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films)

‘Bull’ Offers an Intimate Glimpse Into Rodeo Life

Annie Silverstein’s intimate narrative brings intense realism and powerful performances that make the film worth watching.
Kaylee DeFreitas, Arts Editor May 4, 2020

From the beginning of Annie Silverstein’s “Bull,” it is apparent that Kris (Amber Havard) has become resigned to her circumstances. The adults around her show her little...

Illustrated by Alejandra Arevalo.

Encountering Trauma in the Classroom

Black students often view racially traumatic images, videos and readings for the sake of learning, and that exposure can take a lasting toll on their emotional and mental health.
Tatyana Tandanpolie, Contributing Writer April 20, 2020

Content Warning: This article contains mentions of racial trauma, slavery, violence against Black and Brown bodies and racial slurs that can be disturbing or triggering. Black...

Eni Owoeye Makes Environmental Education Approachable

Eni Owoeye Makes Environmental Education Approachable

College of Arts and Science sophomore Eni Owoeye fosters change and environmental stewardship by making environmental education accessible for all.
Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter December 5, 2019

Eni Owoeye and I met last spring semester when we both ended up in Professor Robin Nagle’s Environment & Society class, one of the introductory courses for the environmental...

Boyscott is an independent music band. (Courtesy of Behind the Curtains Media)

Indie Rock Group Boyscott Wants to Conquer Brooklyn

With over four million streams on Spotify, the Connecticut-based indie rock group is just getting started.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor March 31, 2019

Indie rock minimalist group Boyscott played to a crowded room in Ridgewood, Queens March 24 in what was their most “intimidating” set yet. In fact, band members flew in their...