New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The exterior view of a building with three N.Y.U. banners that read “N.Y.U. Meyers”, “N.Y.U. Dentistry” and “N.Y.U. Engineering.”

Nursing students call for end of $150 absence fee

Students in NYU’s nursing program are petitioning to end a policy that charges students a $150 fee when they miss clinical practice sessions, regardless of whether their absence is due to health issues.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor March 23, 2023

NYU nursing students are calling for the university to eliminate a policy that requires them to pay a $150 absence fee for missed clinical practice sessions. A petition started...

An illustration of a cell phone on a yellow background. Text bubbles are featured on the screen.

The yasses and flops of Grindr, as told by its NYU users

NYU students share their experiences with looking for fun and more on the Grindr app.
Derek Kamakanaaloha Soong, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

Content warning: this article mentions sexual assault. Whether you’re using it to find love, lust or some much-needed validation, dating apps are a quintessential part of...

The NYU community is experiencing a high number of COVID-19 cases. Students can access Binx saliva tests in NYU housing. (Staff Photo and Screenshot by Ryan Walker)

Explained: What to do if you test positive for COVID-19

Here’s WSN’s guide on how to report a positive test to NYU, move to quarantine and end your isolation period.
Gabriel Hawthorne, Deputy News Editor January 26, 2022

Editor’s note: This article was published in January 2022. Guidelines and requirements from NYU and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may have since changed. As...

Salsa learners gather at Washington Square Park for their lesson. Free salsa lessons are scheduled between 5:30pm to 8:00pm every Tuesday till the end of September. (Photo by Maria Freyre)

Salsa dance classes bring spice to Washington Square Park

Free weekly dance classes have brought salsa to Washington Square Park every Tuesday. The classes continue until the end of September.
Maria Freyre, Contributing Writer September 22, 2021

Parkgoers become salsa dancers when they step into Washington Square Park’s Garibaldi Plaza for salsa Tuesdays.  These weekly salsa classes are for everyone from beginners...

The New York Pfizer office located in midtown. As international students prepare to come back to the city, concerns arise about potential mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccinations. (Staff Photo by Roshni Raj)

International students may be required to ‘mix’ COVID-19 vaccines, despite NYU assurances

Some international students remain hesitant to be re-vaccinated, while others see it as their only path to an in-person education and a post-pandemic college experience.
Roshni Raj, Abroad News Editor August 5, 2021

Liberal Studies sophomore Etel Simkina — an international student from Russia — received her first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine in April, before NYU released its vaccine directive....

A seemingly idyllic sidewalk in Middletown, Connecticut. (Photo by Eugene Hu)

The Foreigner

Tensions arise for Eugene Hu when he stays at his old college roommate’s house in Connecticut during the pandemic.
Eugene Hu, Contributing Writer May 3, 2021

                      “I’m boycotting your Chinese bricks!” Tim said to me. It...

NYUs policy of filling out the Daily Screener to get access to NYU buildings has flaws when it comes to post-vaccination symptoms. Post-vaccination symptoms can cause people to feel ill, unrelated to the COVID-19 symptoms, so there is hesitation in responding honestly to the Daily Screener in fear of an unnecessary quarantine. (Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

You could be quarantined in your dorm for reporting your vaccine side effects

With no apparent university policy on post-vaccination symptoms, responding honestly to the Daily Screener could get you quarantined.
Alex Tey, Copy Chief April 27, 2021

I don't socialize indoors, I wear one mask outside and two inside, and the riskiest thing I do is ride the subway about twice a week, an activity that is safer than eating inside...

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets captures the last moments of a dive bar named Roaring 20s. With no narration, the documentary may be more than what it seems. (Photo by Elaine Chen)

‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets’ is an engrossing portrait of a community

Dip into dive bar life in this unique blend of documentary and fiction filmmaking.
Sebastian Zufelt, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

Nowadays, most people associate documentaries with true crime Netflix originals — “Tiger King” was the first notable piece of quarantine media. Noting the success of the...

I Tested Positive for COVID-19

I Tested Positive for COVID-19

Here is a log of my experience with NYU-style isolation and the absolutely unhinged lack of communication from NYU and within NYU.
Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor September 28, 2020

I got a call on Friday, Sept. 18th at 8:47 p.m. from a 212 number when I was out trying to chase a story around Foley Square. “Your spit test from Monday Sept. 14 came back positive,”...

UCCS senior Arantxa Chavez in her apartment’s balcony in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chavez had recently moved in with her partner when the stay-at-home order began so they spent their quarantine unpacking and decorating their new place

Turning Zoom Into My Artistic Tool

Learning to photograph through a computer screen involved lots of errors, but once I learned to deal with them, I fell in love with the results.
Alejandra Arevalo, Contributing Writer September 21, 2020

Rubin Residence Hall is located at 35 5th Ave. Most students in this facility ended their quarantine period on Sept. 16 after the detection of four asymptomatic COVID cases on Sept. 14. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Rubin Residents Free To Leave Quarantine

Two students shared their experiences quarantining in Rubin Residence Hall. Meanwhile, NYU has changed the format of its COVID-19 dashboard.
Aarushi Sharma and Trace Miller September 18, 2020

Most students living in NYU’s Rubin Residence Hall were cleared to end quarantine on Wednesday night, Sept. 16, at around 8 p.m. The freshman dorm’s residents — all of whom...

A student tries to follow their pre-pandemic schedule while attending school remotely. Madison San Miguel discusses some of the ways she brings NYC back home. (Photo by Madison San Miguel)

I Tried: Following an NYC School Schedule From Home

Seven months since the start of quarantine, one student returns to her pre-pandemic routine while studying remotely.
Madison San Miguel, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

As we continue to live in a world still operating under pandemic precautions, it’s hard to distinguish life from when we were first sent home over spring break last semester...