New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

N.Y.U. president Linda Mills wearing a black gown with silver decorative patterning stands behind a podium. She is wearing a large silver medallion around her neck.

Opinion: The NYU Promise is not promising for all students

The university’s promise to cover tuition for low-income students is a start, but its limited scope makes it incomplete.
Molly Koch, Opinion Editor October 30, 2023

During her inauguration last Tuesday, NYU president Linda Mills announced The NYU Promise, which will waive tuition costs for undergraduate students admitted to the New York campus...

An interior view of the Palladium dining hall with wooden counters, white columns, tiled floors and white ceilings.

Opinion: NYU’s markets are unusable with their expensive prices

The university’s campus convenience stores: a concept that only works in theory.
Naisha Roy, Deputy Opinion Editor April 28, 2023

NYU’s dining hall hours suck. The good locations are never open late, and even the mediocre ones run out of food long before they close. That’s part of the reason why NYU has...

Two human figures sit on a stack of cash, one holding a golden coin, while the other climbs up a ladder holding another bundle of cash.

Opinion: NYU should reduce students’ out-of-pocket costs

Students pay thousands of dollars out of pocket on top of already expensive tuition. It’s time the university helped bring down those costs.
Pia Sharma, Staff Writer October 12, 2022

NYU is widely recognized as one of the best schools in the country. Just this year, its ranking jumped three spots, which places it in the top 25 — and some people have even...

An illustration of a stack of two textbooks on the left and a laptop on the right. The textbooks are titled “Organic Chemistry” and “Calculus” with a red X and a stack of cash next to them. The laptop displays text “OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES” in green with a green checkmark and text “FREE!” next to it.

Guest Essay: Textbooks should be free

Open educational resources can be the answer to addressing the financial burden of textbooks.
Ryan Carney October 6, 2022

A month before school starts, we are all enjoying our summer until we get that dreaded Bursar email with the bill. You pay the bill, and you think that must be everything, until...

Higher Education Needs Intervention From All Sides

Higher Education Needs Intervention From All Sides

NYU is lobbying the state government for tuition assistance — but what else can be done to aid students?
WSN Editorial Board February 25, 2019

Last week, WSN reported on NYU’s intentions to lobby for increased state funding for tuition. Considering the university’s infamously high tuition, the change would be a welcome...

From left to right, panelists Owen Moore, Alison Leary, MJ Knoll Finn and Martin Dorph discuss the issues students have with the high expenses of NYU.

Five things you should know about your money at NYU

Kati Garrity, Staff Writer November 11, 2015
Administrators held a talk Tuesday on the facets of the hefty NYU price tag.