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An illustration of the album cover of “Her Loss”. The cover portrays a young Black woman with black curly hair and exaggerated eyelashes which are blue, orange and black. She wears an earring.

Review: Drake & 21 Savage’s ‘Her Loss’ brings world-renowned rappers together

While the collaborative album remains controversial, Drake and 21 Savage encompass themes of money, misogyny and the music industry in “Her Loss.”
Nov 14, 2022

Last summer, Drake and 21 Savage came together on the closing track of Drake’s album “Honestly, Nevermind,” titled “Jimmy Crooks.” Halfway through the music video of...

An illustration of a stack of two textbooks on the left and a laptop on the right. The textbooks are titled “Organic Chemistry” and “Calculus” with a red X and a stack of cash next to them. The laptop displays text “OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES” in green with a green checkmark and text “FREE!” next to it.

Guest Essay: Textbooks should be free

Open educational resources can be the answer to addressing the financial burden of textbooks.
Oct 6, 2022

A month before school starts, we are all enjoying our summer until we get that dreaded Bursar email with the bill. You pay the bill, and you think that must be everything, until...