New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An illustration of a white teacup with blue detailing sitting on bedsheets in front of a laptop. On the laptop screen is a woman, as seen in the film “Charulata.”

Off the Radar: ‘Charulata’ and the conflict between old and the new

Off the Radar is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “Charulata” is available to stream on Kanopy and HBO Max.
Yezen Saadah, Deputy News Editor February 10, 2023

Bengali filmmaker Satyajit Ray, who is most famous for his monumental “Apu Trilogy,” crafted one of cinema’s finest gems with 1964’s “Charulata.” The film deconstructs...

Declassified: An NYU Survival Guide

Declassified: An NYU Survival Guide

April 18, 2022
So you got into NYU. Congratulations! Now what? Let us tell you all about the nitty gritty details of changing your major, navigating the Liberal Studies Core program, celebrating the weekend in NYC, and making lasting friendships.
An illustration of a black-and-light-purple direction pole against a dark purple background. The pole has five different signs that individually read: “What is L.S?,” “G.L.S.?,” “Transfer?,” ‘Major?” and “r/nyu.”

The case for Liberal Studies

One Liberal Studies first-year on the program that so many newly accepted NYU students find themselves in.
Mellak Abduelal, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

On Dec. 15 of my senior year of high school, I opened an acceptance letter to the school of my dreams: NYU. “Congratulations” jumped out of the phone screen. I rejoiced, but...

An illustration of the cover of “Love by Maayan Eitan. A kiss mark is on a beige background.

Review: Maayan Eitan’s ‘Love’ is an exploration of life under the male gaze

The Israeli literary sensation’s debut novella was recently translated into English. 
Stephanie Wong, Staff Writer April 12, 2022

Maayan Eitan is a bold new voice in contemporary literature and a writer and translator based in Tel Aviv. Her debut novella, “Love,” is told from the perspective of Libby,...

Renowned author Fran Lebowitz spoke at NYU’s Casa Italiana on Nov. 11. She shared her experiences as a writer and expressed her annoyance with NYU students. (Photo by Abby Wilson)

‘I’m like the slut of literature’: Fran Lebowitz speaks at NYU’s Casa Italiana

Renowned author Fran Lebowitz discussed style, her career and her annoyance with NYU students.
Abby Wilson, Contributing Writer November 15, 2021

Known for her scathingly honest commentary, renowned author Fran Lebowitz graced the NYU community with her signature dry humor on Nov. 11. It was Casa Italiana’s first in-person...

Staff Rants: Books

Staff Rants: Books

From John Green to “Little House on the Prairie” — here’s our staff’s takes on books.

On John Green Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor Why is it that between late 2013 and mid-2015 it seemed the internet had a collective crush on John Green? I will admit that I...

Stop Looking Down on Young Adult Fiction

Stop Looking Down on Young Adult Fiction

Judging people for reading contemporary fiction doesn’t do much but discourage them from reading what they really enjoy.
Helen Wajda, Deputy Opinion Editor February 10, 2020

Last week, I experienced what I’ve come to expect as an inevitable occurrence when talking to fellow English majors: someone ranting about how no one seems to read good literature...

Pride and Prejudice: Space for Sexual Diversity and Culture.

Libros Entre Libros: A Look Into Argentina’s International Book Fair

Melanie Pineda, Staff Writer April 30, 2018
Check out the background of Argentina's long-lasting love for literature amidst the 44th annual International Book Fair in Buenos Aires.
One of the many lost letters published in The Letters of Sylvia Plath.

The Long Lost Letters of Sylvia Plath

Devanshi Khetarpal, Staff Writer April 11, 2018
Karen Kukil and Peter K. Steinberg worked tirelessly for years to put together a collection of Sylvia Plath's lost letters.
NYU’s quidditch teams, Varsity and Pigeons, bring Harry Potter dreams to life by adapting the wizard sport to the grass field.

Magic of NYU Quidditch, Explained

Tori Bianco, Contributing Writer October 30, 2017
An inside look at the NYU Quidditch team.
There Is No Perfect Commentary on Race

There Is No Perfect Commentary on Race

J. Metje, Contributing Writer September 19, 2017
In regards to actual writing, the many readers I've talked to suggest the book falls apart. This, I would argue, is where they are wrong.