New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Victoria Provost smiles as she holds a pineapple, reminded of a birthday prank she played on her friend in freshman year. (Photo courtesy of Victoria Provost, Illustrations by Celia Tewey)

Objects We Hold Through Time

A look at the objects that tell the stories of our histories, growth and relationships.
Celia Tewey, Exposures Editor May 8, 2020

Objects tell our histories. Whether they have been with us for weeks, years or months, they have the ability to define us in subtle ways that show our personalities, strengths,...

(Illustration by Rachel Buigas-Lopez)

From Annoying Coworkers to Unexpected Dog Sitting, NYU Students Recount Their Worst Internship Experiences

NYU students reveal the harsh realities that sometimes lie behind landing a coveted internship.
Valerie Stepanova, Contributing Writer April 16, 2019

Overheard whispers of internships with Goldman Sachs and brands like Dior, Celine and Hermès stir an internal desperation within NYU students who just want a job anywhere —...

Student de-stresses 
 by writing an unsent letter. (Staff Photo by Alana Beyer)

Preparing for a Stressful Spring

For when your mood is as low as the temperature outside.
Kylie Kirschner, Staff Writer February 5, 2019

Settling back into NYU’s unrelenting grind, it is unnerving to think about returning to those late nights at Bobst Library and drowning sorrows in Red Bull. Before the rush of...

A server working at a diner in Chelsea.

Full-Time Student, Part-Time Server

George Campbell, Contributing Writer April 16, 2018
We're serving life lessons with a side of stories courtesy of a student's experience at restaurants.
Wasserman offers many resources to help you gain your dream internship.

8 Tips for Finding that Summer Internship

Mayu Ranganathan, Contributing Writer February 14, 2018
It is time to apply for internships! Here are some tips.
Freshman Alicia Gill hope to find a balance between work and play this summer while on the hunt for an internship.

Student Summers: Relax, Intern or Both?

Medardo Perez, Contributing Writer April 4, 2016
Read about some NYU students who are choosing not to fill their summer with traditional jobs or internships.

Working in Fashion Out of the City

Sophie Fay Shaw, Staff Writer April 4, 2016
Not staying in NYC this summer? There are plenty of fashion related opportunities that don't include picking up coffees for fashion publications.

On the Job: Miranda Zhou

Yeho Hwang, Staff Writer December 7, 2015
An installation in the On The Job series on Stern sophomore Miranda Zhou.
Despite her heavy schedule balancing clubs, school and work, Danuta Egle says she does not plan to ease her workload in coming semesters.

On the Job: Danuta Egle

Patrick Pauley, Staff Writer November 4, 2015
Take a look at how Steinhardt freshman manages her packed schedule and working nights at Insomnia Cookies.
Sophomore Christian Alfaro handles all his school work and extracurriculars while also working on the Events Operation Staff for the New York Red Bulls.

On the Job: Christian Alfaro

Ankita Bhanot, Staff Writer October 28, 2015
Sophomore Christian Alfaro juggles school with working behind the scenes for the New York Red Bulls.
Student life as: Starbucks barista

Student life as: Starbucks barista

Lingyi Hou, Contributing Writer October 28, 2014
NYU students describes his job as a barista.