8 Tips for Finding that Summer Internship

Wasserman offers many resources to help you gain your dream internship.

The spring semester is when NYU students start applying for summer internships. Juggling class work, a social life and internship applications at the same time can be stressful so here are nine tips to help you out.

  1. Make a list

Create a list of fields you feel you would potentially be interested in. Gallatin senior Gillian Ryder talked about how her experience of trying numerous different internships prepared her to apply for jobs.

“I have had internships in Public Policy pertaining to child welfare in New York City, music public relations, luxury men’s watches, visual merchandising at Moda Operandi and now merchandising at Cushnie et Ochs,” Ryder said. “I held some of these for over a year before deciding to shift fields or when I felt I was done growing at the company. Each one influenced the way in which I will approach my full-time career. Now, looking for a full-time job, I know exactly what I want because I experimented in so many different fields and positions.”

Knowing what you want to do and what you don’t are equally important. Even if a potential field seems a little out of your comfort zone, it might be worth a shot.

  1. Don’t let a lack of experience scare you away

Do not feel like you need to have 15 years of experience to land an internship your freshman year. According to the Wasserman Center staff, anything can be turned into a resume building activity that will benefit your application.

  1. Connect with Linkedin

Create a Linkedin profile. This profile is extremely useful for finding internships and being found by people looking to hire. Follow the NYU group to make connections with alumni in your area.You can also post your Linkedin URL in any applications to supplement your resume.

  1. Interact with people

Connections are helpful and networking is incredibly useful, however, you can always apply online or cold-call. Gallatin freshman Hermela Hailemariam believes that the process of finding internships is not that hard.

“I searched online for things I was interested in and I called and asked to set up a meeting,” Hailemariam said. “I interviewed and heard back.” A multi-pronged approach may be prudent. Apply online and then follow up with a phone call.

  1. Dig Deep

If you have a specific company or business you want to work for, but they do not come up on your internship search, email them. Introduce yourself and talk about wanting to be an intern or potentially shadowing someone in the business. Even if they are not hiring, they will get back to you and it will be a way to get your foot in the door.

  1. Use NYU Resources

Search for upcoming career fairs on the Student Development and Resources page on the NYU website. The Wasserman Career Pop Up & Internship/Early Engagement Mixer on March 8 is a perfect way to network and find that last-minute opening.

  1. No luck getting an internship? Try volunteering.

If you end up unable to find a summer internship, try to find non-profits or other type of organizations that are looking for volunteers. Most organizations have different types of volunteering opportunities ranging from press to business, so make sure you keep an eye out.

  1. Start early but don’t stress yourself out

Even though it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have an internship freshman year, Gallatin senior Gillian Ryder stressed the importance of starting the search early.

“I think it is best to start as early as possible in order to build a resume that shows growth overtime … college equips you with the skills to be more productive at an internship and have more responsibilities which high school internships lack,” Ryder said. “Just be sure to get one early on and it will give you so many advantages later.”

Each internship is an investment that will help with future internships and eventually a career. If you have an opportunity, however small, take it. Good luck to everyone on their search for an internship this semester.

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