New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A woman in a green coat holds a microphone, interviewing a student at a protest.

Trump and Mayor Adams speak on NYU encampment

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized encampments at college campuses across the nation.
Dharma Niles, Deputy News Editor April 26, 2024

Pro-Palestinian encampments at universities across the country, including at NYU, Columbia University and Yale University, have become the forefront of political discussions, with...

A birds-eye-view of Manhattans skyline.

Study proposes solutions to housing shortages in big cities

A recent study by NYU and Columbia University researchers suggested that many U.S. office spaces could be converted into affordable housing units.
Mariapaula Gonzalez and Salma Badr September 25, 2023

Researchers at NYU and Columbia University found that repurposing vacant offices as affordable living spaces could help alleviate housing issues in major cities, including New...

An aerial view of a rendering of Governors Island with various structures surrounded by trees and vegetation, with the skyline of New York City across the water.

NYU named partner in Governors Island climate center project

Students and faculty will have access to classrooms, laboratories and other spaces at the newly announced New York Climate Exchange, set to open on Governors Island in 2028.
Carmo Moniz, News Editor April 25, 2023

NYU will partner with a new $700 million international climate research center on Governors Island, alongside several other universities across the country. Students, faculty and...

A building with a glass facade that reads, “N.Y.U. Langone Health.”

NYU Langone opens new medical center in Brooklyn

The new center, which adds a second Langone emergency department in Brooklyn, is expected to provide care for over 200,000 patients each year.
Yezen Saadah, News Editor April 3, 2023

A new NYU Langone Health ambulatory care center, featuring a 24-hour emergency department, radiology services, cancer care and other amenities, opened in the Cobble Hill neighborhood...

The picket line of an anti-abortion rally on Broadway. Attendees hold signs and banners that read “International Gift of Life Walk New York City” and “Pray and Act against Sin of Abortion.”

Manhattan anti-abortion marchers impeded by counterprotesters, ‘Joker’ movie set

Abortion rights advocates confronted a large crowd of anti-abortion demonstrators near Foley Square this past weekend.
Cora Snow, Deputy News Editor March 28, 2023

A blockade of police officers divided dozens of protesters and counterprotesters at an anti-abortion march this past Saturday. Counterprotesters yelled, banged on scaffolding and...

A storefront, viewed from the street outside, with harsh white lighting, and rows of colorful cannabis products displayed inside. A man wearing a red hoodie and black vest stands outside.

Illegal weed stores to be evicted as part of Eric Adams crackdown

Mayor Eric Adams filed lawsuits against four establishments, including two that are blocks away from NYU’s campus, which were selling cannabis without licensing, the first step in what he called a “laser-focused” plan to protect New Yorkers.
Tori Morales, News Editor February 8, 2023

Prosecutors will begin to crack down on unlicensed cannabis vendors across Manhattan, according to a Tuesday announcement by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and District Attorney...

In front of multiple wooden doors there are four low-rise beds with four males laying down on them.

New York City’s only refugee shelter is out of space

I sat down with We Are Not Afraid staff member Stephanie Gaitan to talk about the state of New York City’s only refugee shelter.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer December 14, 2022

A seasonably cold and misty day gripped the city early Sunday afternoon. As I looked out my East Village window, I was preparing my desk to conduct an interview, opening my laptop...

Bill Clinton wears a navy blue suit, a red tie and a black robe while laughing on stage. Next to Clinton is Ron Robin also laughing in a blue robe.

Bill Clinton, John Sexton visit NYU to receive degrees from Israeli university

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and ex-NYU president John Sexton were awarded honorary degrees from the Israeli University of Haifa for achievements in their respective fields.
Yezen Saadah, Deputy News Editor December 13, 2022

Bill Clinton visited NYU alongside former university president John Sexton on Monday to attend a ceremony in which they were awarded honorary degrees from an Israeli university....

A portrait of Eric Adams wearing a gray suit, white collared shirt and navy blue printed tie. He stands in front of a royal blue background and an American flag on a floor stand.

Mayor Adams wages war against rats

Mayor Eric Adams passed the Rat Action Plan last month to combat the skyrocketing number of rodents scurrying across the city. This week, he contested a fine for his failure to fend them off in his own home.
Adrianna Nehme and Kayla Hardersen December 8, 2022

Mayor Eric Adams contested a health inspector’s $300 fine for failing to get rid of rats that were infesting his Brooklyn property at a virtual court hearing on Dec. 6. He said...

The New Jersey side tower of the George Washington Bridge.

Opinion: New York housing programs shouldn’t exclude immigrants

One New York state assemblymember is introducing a bill that would help keep families out of overcrowded shelters, terrible conditions and in homes, regardless of their immigration status. The bill should be passed.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer December 6, 2022

Many of the families staying at The Hotel Wolcott on West 31st Street in Manhattan’s Midtown are not in the Big Apple for a holiday vacation. They aren’t some of the thousands...

Two silver M.T.A. Metrocard vending machines with red, yellow, blue and green panels sit against a white-tiled wall.

Opinion: New York, don’t get rid of the MetroCard

The city plans to phase out the classic MetroCard in 2023 and fully replace it with OMNY. But it shouldn’t.
James Bisceglia, Contributing Writer December 6, 2022

As we begin to close the book on 2022, there’s only one thing that has been top of mind for me: 2023 will be our last year with the MetroCard, and quite frankly, I’m devastated. The...

A cart wrapped around by plastic bags and an opened pink suitcase with clothes lays on a sidewalk under scaffolding.

Guest Essay: Mayor Adams’ new policy for the unhoused is dangerous for New York

Mayor Eric Adams’ latest policy is the tipping point of his year-long fight to remove houseless people from subway stations against their will without meaningfully addressing the issues they face.
Leann Beard, Guest Contributor December 5, 2022

Last Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams unveiled his new policy initiative, the crown jewel of his policies attempting to reduce visible poverty, while doing nothing to address the issue...