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llustration of a toilet with the lid open and small bathroom tiles beneath it, against a background with a light blue gradient.

Photo: Opinion: You need to stop using toilet paper to clean your butt

Nov 18, 2022

There are better options than toilet paper. (Illustration by Victoria Liu)

Text “USE YOUR VOICE” and seven stars in purple color on top of text “NYU SHOULD VOTE” with “NYU” and “VOTE” in blue color and “SHOULD” in red color.

Photo: Opinion: NYU urges you to vote, and so do I

Oct 7, 2022

(Illustration by Victoria Liu)

Black-and-white illustration of director Jean Luc-Goddard holds film in his hand while smoking a cigarette.

Photo: Remembering Godard: Formal innovator and revolutionary poet

Sep 21, 2022

After a more than 60-year career, Jean Luc-Godard set the stage for the filmmaking that we see today. (Illustration by Victoria Liu)