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It’s time to start wearing a watch

Yes, you can just check your phone for the time. But a watch is way cuter.
Victoria Liu
(Illustration by Victoria Liu)

If I’m ever running late for a morning class and not feeling confident in my outfit, there’s no clothing crisis that some accessories can’t solve. Throwing on some last-minute jewelry can single-handedly elevate and personalize an outfit made from everyday basics. And, for the past few months, every time I’ve grabbed my jewelry while halfway out the door, I’ve made sure to throw on a watch.

Now I know what you’re thinking — of all accessories, why a watch? You can easily check your phone or laptop for the time, and most of us probably don’t even remember how to read analog clocks anymore. Not to mention, watches are expensive — luxury watch brands, like Rolex, have a lavish reputation for a reason. But, even if you aren’t using it for its functionality, or understandably don’t have a couple thousand dollars to spend, watches can still be a go-to accessory.

If your style is more minimalistic, watches can provide an extra touch of preppiness, especially if it’s a simple, thin gold or silver watch. While any new watch is still an investment, you can find more affordable classics at Fossil or Armitron for under $100. And, fortunately, these styles can be relatively easy to find secondhand for a much cheaper price. It may be a little beat up and broken, but if you’re just going for the fashion statement, a vintage watch can still do the job. 

If you’re looking for something more eclectic, there are plenty of watches that can add color or quirkiness to a simple or already funky outfit. Swatch, for example, often has fun pop culture collaborations, like its recent line with “The Simpsons,” and bold styles, like this Caramellissima watch that looks like a candy bracelet. You can even find handmade watches with unique faces on sites like Etsy for around $50 or less.

If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional watch, your timepiece doesn’t need to be restricted to a bracelet either. There are necklaces, earrings and rings with watch faces, all of which still tell time. Just like a regular watch, they can add detail or contrast to an outfit and maybe even help with time management. Another unconventional way to wear a watch can be to wear more than one. You can, for example, mix and match an analog watch and a digital watch on the same wrist, which ensures functionality and provides an interesting contrast in style. 

After wearing a watch almost every day for the past few months, I now instinctively look at it to check the time. I find that I am more present in conversations and class without digging through my tote bag or reaching for my phone to check the time on my home screen. In my mind, it is the perfect blend of function and fashion.

So, what are you waiting for? Put those kindergarten clock lessons to use. I cannot guarantee that having a watch will make you more punctual, but if you’re behind schedule, at least you’ll be fashionably late.

Contact Juliana Guarracino at [email protected].

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About the Contributor
Juliana Guarracino
Juliana Guarracino, Culture Editor
Juliana Guarracino is a senior majoring in Global Media, Culture, and Communication and Romance Languages. Aside from writing, she has a passion for cooking, travel and art history. When she's not working, she enjoys reading, playing cozy video games and journaling at cafes. She will take any book recommendations, but cannot promise you that she will read them. You can find her @juliana.guarracino on Instagram.

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    AnchitaFeb 1, 2024 at 2:22 am

    I love this!!!!! The last paragraph is so funny 🙂