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Isolationist populism is becoming a concern not just in the United States, but also other parts of the world such as Britain and France.

World Politics: The Spring of Closed Doors

May 1, 2017
In the political cacophony that has erupted during President Donald Trump's first 100 days in the White House, it's easy to get caught up — but it's important to stay aware of global politics as well.
Exposure | Metro-Oasis

Exposure | Metro-Oasis

March 20, 2017

Growth. What does it mean? One pictures a child constantly checking for evidence of it, marking their progress against the wall. Or an ambitious palm bursting skyward from...

The Native American and Indigenous Students Group has criticised the lack of a Native American and Indigenous Studies program in the past, claiming NYU’s status as a global institute should mean it represents all cultural identities.

Rallying for a Native American Studies Minor

November 7, 2016
Native American and indigenous students are advocating for NYU to begin offering a Native studies minor.
Talal Ansari, an editorial assistant at BuzzFeed,came to speak with the NYU Politics Society about his investigation on FBI surveillance of Muslim immigrants.

Buzzfeed Journalist Shares Experience Covering FBI’s Racial Profiling

February 5, 2016
An editorial assistant at BuzzFeed came to speak at NYU Politics Society about his investigation on FBI surveillance of Muslim immigrants.
NYUs Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration week takes place from February 1 to 6.

Meditation, Ballet and Theater at MLK Week

February 1, 2016
Overview of upcoming events on campus in honor of Martin Luther King week.

What You Missed Over Break

January 25, 2016
Washington Square News takes a look at what happened while students were off campus for winter break.
Divest speak-out relates race and climate

Divest speak-out relates race and climate

December 8, 2015
NYU Divest hosted a discussion on how climate change contributes to racism and violence on Monday.
Certain brain patterns have been found to activate while listening to music.

Listening to music? Your brain activity is probably on beat

November 4, 2015
NYU researchers have identified how brain rhythms are used to process music and their findings suggest that musical training can enhance the functional role of brain rhythms.
Greek Life members hoped to encourage more discussion about sex on college campuses in an event on Wednesday night.

Greek life groups talk sex

October 29, 2015
Greek life groups joined forces to encourage more discussion around sex and hook-up culture on college campuses.
Gerrard Khan, Sarad Al-Jijakli, Lind
a Sarsour, and Ridwan Adhami discuss how Syrian refugees can be helped in the United States.

Islamic Center focuses on Syrian refugee crisis

October 13, 2015
The Islamic Center at NYU hosted a town hall meeting on how you can support Syrian refugees Monday night.
Gallatin hosts Whats the Deal with Student Debt, the first in a series of events regarding student debt.

Gallatin hosts student debt series

September 23, 2015
Gallatin hosted "What's the Deal With Student Debt," the first in a series of event regarding student debt.