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Ryan Perez, an NYU Tisch alumni, is working on a new podcast, An Actor Despairs. (Photo Courtesy of Ryan Perez)

NYU Grad Ryan Perez Reveals Why ‘An Actor Despairs’ on New Podcast

On his podcast, NYU alum Ryan Perez intends to tell his story and explore the journey of his guests, whose experiences span “Black Panther” to “Vice”.
Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Oct 14, 2019

Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute at NYU is known for its catchphrase “An Actor Prepares.” Ryan Perez, a 2010 graduate of the Strasberg studio, started a podcast —...

Gorillaz performs Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Oct. 13 as a part of their the Now Now tour. Frontman Damon Albarn has announced that this may be the last concert people will see of Gorillaz in a while. (Photo by Lea  Veloso)

Gorillaz Shake Up Barclays Center in Their Last Appearance ‘For A While’

Two decades into their career, British band Gorillaz still bring energy and excitement to the Barclays Center, but allude to a break soon to come.
Jessica Xing, Staff Writer Oct 23, 2018

Self-described, British “virtual band” Gorillaz played a nearly sold-out show at the Barclays Center on Oct. 13 for what is possibly one of the band’s last concerts for a...

Eli Edwards, WNYUs Sports Director recording from the WNYU sound booth. (Alana Beyer)

WNYU Hosts Talk Radio and Resistance

Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Oct 22, 2018
Student hosts from NYU's radio station WNYU discuss the power of music as a social and political medium.
The Evo Scholarship is a show of support from the community for individual game designers.

The Gaming Scholarship Only One Student Can Win

Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Oct 1, 2018
NYU Game Center's new full-tuition Evo Scholarship supports one lucky student passionate in game design.
Goodbye Blaxploitation, Hello LA Rebellion

Goodbye Blaxploitation, Hello LA Rebellion

Jessica Xing, Staff Writer Apr 5, 2018
In the 1960s, black student filmmakers at UCLA created a set of films now referred to as the LA Rebellion.
Elisabet Vogler, played by Liv Ullman, in ‘Persona’ by Ingmar Bergman. Until Mar. 15, Film Forum will be showing 30 of Bergman films in his memory.

Liv Ullmann Remembers Ingmar Bergman at Film Forum

Jessica Xing Mar 9, 2018
In honor of Bergman’s upcoming cenential, Film Forum is showing over 30 of Bergman’s films, which included a special visit from actress and muse Liv Ullmann.
Poster for the new film, The Young Karl Marx, directed by Raoul Peck.

Meet ‘The Young Karl Marx’

Jessica Xing, Staff Writer Feb 28, 2018
“The Young Karl Marx” is a new film following the controversial figure behind "The Communist Manifesto" and Marxism.
Justin Foster as Charley Cade (right), and Brian Christopher Scott (left) as his father in One Drop.

‘One Drop’ and the Politics of Passing

Jessica Xing, Staff Writer Feb 6, 2018
Andrea J. Fulton's "One Drop" explores ancestry, family and the politics that surround them.
The closing panel at the NYWICI Student Communications Career Conference, held in Kimmel on Nov. 18, touched on topics from panelists careers to diversity in the industry.

Female Industry Leaders Inspire at NYU

Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Nov 21, 2017
At the NYWICI Student Communications Career Conference on Saturday, communications industry leaders spoke about their career experiences.
Evolving Perspective of War Films

Evolving Perspective of War Films

Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2017
War movies have been an essential part of representing the masses and the emotions they feel. From "The Deer Hunter" to "Dunkirk," war movies continue to express the consequences of political conflict.
Tisch seniors Ton Do-Nguyen(left) and Angie Jones(right) launched their podcast “Chamomile Tea” in July, talking about culture, race, media, life and love.

Tisch Seniors Spill the ‘Tea’

Jessica Xing, Contributing Writer Oct 2, 2017
Tisch seniors Angie Jones and Ton Do-Nguyen host "Chamomile Tea," a podcast dealing with race, culture, life and love.