Staff Rants and Raves: The Emmys

From Bad Bunny to COVID-19 precautions, our staff has a lot of thoughts on the Emmys.


On the “Friends” Reunion

Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor

I never watch the Emmys and this year was no exception, but that didn’t stop me from having to see some of the cast of “Friends” reuniting all over my Twitter feed for days. All I have to say is: “Friends” was never funny. The characters were bland. Ross and Rachel’s toxic relationship was so drawn out. The show isn’t even on Netflix anymore. Please let us all move on and not have to be reminded of its mediocrity.

On New Shows

Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor

I want a documentary made about those people in hazmat suits who held the statues outside of celebrities’ houses and then had to wave and leave, statue in hand, when their assigned nominee did not win. That’s the only thing I’m interested in. Please unravel the mystery of the decisions that led us to that point.

On Future Plans

Jake Capriotti, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor

Did I watch the Emmys? No. Do I want an Emmy in the future? Yes. Problem?


On Black Joy and Bad Bunny 

Kim Rice, Copy Chief

I’m not going to lie, I had no clue the Emmys were happening. I really forgot about awards shows and I thought we, as a collective, decided they were absurd, no? Plus, I mean, Bad Bunny was performing somewhere else so I had better things to do. HOWEVER, Zendaya absolutely killed it, and I loved seeing her dress and her family’s excitement afterwards. Black joy really makes me happy, especially seeing it from someone who we all grew up watching on Disney Channel. And “Schitt’s Creek” is really good, so their sweep was absolutely amazing to read about on Twitter afterwards. But yeah, go listen to Bad Bunny’s “LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR” or “YHLQMDLG” or even “X 100PRE,” thanks.

On COVID-19 Precautions

Bianca de Ayala, Deputy Opinion Editor

I don’t know much about the Emmys, but I think it’s hilarious that they had interns wait outside celebrity houses in giant hazmat suits and walk away with the award if celebrities didn’t win.

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