Staff Rants: Back To School

From the big workload to Zoom complaints, our staff has a lot of feelings about the first week of classes.

On the Lack of Anonymity 

Alexandria Johnson, Deputy Managing Editor 

Maybe it’s just me, but why do I need to put my camera on for every class? I’m in my senior year juggling filming for journalism and studying economics, not to mention being in quarantine, and professors still want me to put my camera on? Make it make sense. I also don’t understand why I have to introduce myself for every class. When I’m taking journalism classes, it’s understandable. What I write or film about is impacted by the experiences I have and people should know who I am and where I come from, but why for economics at 9:30 a.m.? Don’t get me wrong, I like my professor and my TA seems cool, but why do I have to have my camera on for that? You’re teaching me consumer surplus, you don’t need to know about my life and where I’ve traveled. And if I have to say another fun fact about myself again, it’s going to be a problem. All I want is anonymity and my classes can’t even give me that.

On Excessive Work

Nicole Chiarella, Copy Chief 

It’s only the second week of classes, and I’m already behind. How is that even possible? In these past few days, I’m pretty sure I’ve drank at least 7% of the world’s caffeine supply. I have so much reading to do, yet am I still laying in bed counting how many pigeons fly by the window? Yes. Do I have plans to do the homework for the classes that make me want to scream into the void? I’ll keep you posted. 

On Breakout Rooms

Helen Wajda, Opinion Editor 

If I have to endure another Zoom breakout room where my classmates and I barely speak due to the constant fear of the professor popping in unannounced during the 30 seconds we spend discussing things unrelated to the class content, I will scream … and I won’t even mute my mic. 

On Zoom Issues 

Kim Rice, Copy Chief

I am elated that school has started again, I really missed the routine and having things to take up my time, but I have had four main troubles this first week. First, I am absolutely not mad at all at professors who have a hard time with technology. I was born into the digital era and still have trouble, so I get it. But why not make it easier on all of us and not try to have breakout rooms or whatever else through Zoom? Just share your screen (sadly, I need the visuals) and let’s keep it pushing, please and thank you. Secondly, why tell us to direct all questions to the chat and then never check the chat? So now there are 70 questions in the chat and one minute left to class and you’re going to rush through them or give us the infamous, “Bring these questions up next class and I’ll answer them,” only to never answer any of the questions because we all forgot. Next, why are there group projects? Over Zoom? I hardly ever met up with my group in person, I am not going to schedule a Zoom meeting to talk to three people who would all rather not be doing this for a project that is worth barely anything but is mandatory. And finally, as a society we have actually surpassed the necessity of Zoom chats. There is no need, I don’t want private chats from randos or public chats in lectures with 312 students and over 100 messages continuously streaming in.

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