CAS renovations shut down basement entrance to 19 W. 4th St.

The renovations at 25 W. Fourth St., the future home of the College of Arts & Science, have restricted student access to basement classrooms in 19 W. Fourth St., a neighboring building.


Kevin Wu

Due to ongoing renovations for the future home of the College of Arts & Science, students no longer have normal access to the basement classrooms in 19 W. Fourth St. (Kevin Wu for WSN)

Tori Morales, Deputy News Editor

Renovations to the future offices of NYU’s College of Arts & Science at 25 W. Fourth St. have disrupted student access to the adjacent 19 W. Fourth St. building. A university email sent to students and faculty on Tuesday, Sept. 27, addressed ongoing foot traffic issues.

The renovations at 25 W. Fourth St. have barred students from using their preferred choice of entry into the basement level classrooms at 19 W. Fourth St. The 19 and 25 W. Fourth St. buildings are conjoined at the basement level. 

NYU has instructed students to enter the building only through the 19 W. Fourth St. entrance and exit through the doors facing Washington Place. Students accessing the basement level classrooms have been told to use the south staircase while walking down and the north staircase while walking up. The email also asks that students reserve the elevators for individuals with accessibility needs. NYU does not plan to use the 19 W. Fourth St. basement for classes in spring 2023. 

The university first announced the school’s relocation to 25 W. Fourth St. in April. The building is set to open in 2024 and will be entirely devoted to classrooms and office spaces for CAS, the university’s largest school. This summer, CAS offices and classrooms were moved from the Silver Center to 726 Broadway — their temporary home until renovations are complete. 

In February, the university announced plans to renovate and relocate other academic and residential buildings. Offices of the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service will move from the Puck Building to 105 E. 17th St. in summer 2024. The sociology department, also currently housed in the Puck Building, will move to Goddard Hall, a residence hall located at 79 Washington Square E. at the same time.

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