Frederick Anderson’s spring 2022 collection is giving beach vibes

“The Incredible Lightness of Freedom” highlights hand-crocheted and knitted robes, organic cuts with oceanic patterns and colors.

Trace Miller, Deputy Managing Editor

Frederick Anderson, a designer, Fashion Institute of Technology graduate and New York fashion industry veteran, is going coastal with his spring 2022 collection, “The Incredible Lightness of Freedom.” The beachy collection looks organically grown. Billowing swathes of chiffon, baggy blouses, satin dresses and blanket-like crocheted or knitted sweaters, vests and bralettes sheathed the ectomorphic models walking the runway at 583 Park Ave. on Sept. 9. Even the colors were natural: avocado green, banana yellow, tomato red, ocean blue and poppy red, to name a few. 

The runway show began with beige- and cream-colored knitwear, lace pieces and hand-crocheted clothing. The models wore gold stilettos, dark purple lipstick and smokey eyeshadow resembling eyebags to accentuate the austereness of their attire. Their wispy hair complemented the knobby knitwear and feathery lace. Many of the models wore nothing beneath their sheer wear — the near nudity reinforcing the earthiness of Anderson’s new collection. 

“The knit and the crochet is very interesting because it really goes with loungewear, to evening wear or to eventwear,” Joanna Gong, a close friend of Anderson, said. “You get that comfort without the crazy boning, without the crazy structure that we usually see in our eventwear. His clothing is ridiculously comfortable. […] [Once] you put it on it’s hard to take off because it’s so comfortable. I’m really excited to go try on some of the new pieces of the collection.”

Color arrived quickly: red vests, yellow skirts and jackets, green dresses, denim jackets and shorts. Not long after came the visual patterns. The obscene amount of paisley — combining oceanic blues and coral reds befitting a mermaid — made the models look like 2010s middle schoolers fluent in haute couture cuts. Beige palmettos on a brown fabric background made an appearance, too — on palazzo pants, a pleated long slip dress and a pleated sweatshirt. 

(Photo by Celia Tewey) (Celia Tewey)

Fortunately, a floor-length sheer orange chiffon dress, a floor-length fishnet lace dress; and an above-knee purple chiffon dress with a sheer ruffle around the hem redeemed Anderson’s venture into colorful patterns. Lightly they flowed, brightly they glistened.

“I met Frederick and I told him — there were, like, three or four pieces that I totally would’ve worn, that I really, really liked, that were very chic, but had a funky vibe, too,” pop singer Ashlee Keating said. “I liked the denim. There was a denim short with a top and a blazer, which I loved. And I loved the beiges and the sparkles.”

Fashion influencer Julia Shefer and model Paolo Hinestrosa were left speechless by the collection and the show. 

“I love the brand,” Shefer said, explaining why she went to Anderson’s show. “I love the materials. I love the colors.” 

“I love the style and how the girls bring the charisma, classy and elegant,” Hinestrosa said. “It was very elegant and sexy at the same time.”

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