The most helpful posts on r/nyu

The NYU subreddit offers a look into university student life, along with some great advice.


The r/nyu page on Reddit. (Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Griffin Eckstein, Contributing Writer

The NYU subreddit, an online forum of students and community members, can be a great place to learn helpful tips from upperclassmen, find new spots around campus and bond with fellow Violets. With nearly 60,000 members, the mostly anonymous subreddit has fostered some amazing — and questionable — posts. After sifting through avalanches of spam, ads and posts from out-of-touch students, we found the most helpful forums for your late night deep dive into the world of Reddit. 

Best First-Year Advice

For the 411 on NYU life, look no further. User surfinbears offers advice to incoming first-years on everything from campus culture and student life to mental health tips. As an incoming student this year, I definitely read this post at least once, sometimes twice, a day.

Most Comprehensive Bathroom Review

When the city is your campus, and you’re 10 blocks away from your dorm with less than 15 minutes until your next class, it can be hard to find a clean and reliable restroom. Thankfully, user arctic_moss has invaluable insight on the best bathrooms on campus. You’ll finally know where to go, when you need to go.

Most Helpful Career Advice

While Handshake often disappoints and overwhelms NYU students, Reddit is a surprising savior. Thanks to user Specialist-Noise1290’s guide to formulating a successful resume, the job application process doesn’t have to be so hard. Seek this subreddit when looking for a new job and gain a leg up in the career world.

Best Budgeting Advice

Take a break from financial influencers on TikTok and see this post from one deleted user who breaks down some of the most important cost-saving advice you’ll ever hear. From housing cost reductions, opportunities to appeal for financial aid, advice on early graduation and more, I promise the post will prove life-changing for those drowning with the financial burdens of school.

Best Scheduling and Course Selection Advice

User AnxiousSocialist created a clear guide to walk NYU students through the process of searching professor ratings on Albert. This simplified search process can help ensure you have all the information you need about professors and courses before picking your classes, without even clicking on Rate My Professors. But if you do feel the urge to search, look no further than user FormalExpress3660, who created a Chrome extension that shows Rate My Professor results within Albert.

Best Conspiracy Theory

User Stegersuarus proposed a groundbreaking, and in my opinion very feasible, theory that Hercules CP made the worst possible dryers on purpose, allowing them to extract more money from NYU students. No wonder my Hercules CP mobile balance is 25 cents. The next time you’re switching out your laundry, feel free to tell everyone around you that they might be getting played by the greediest of washers and dryers. 

Best r/nyu Meta Post

As helpful as the NYU subreddit can be, content is often repetitive, overly niche or blatantly unhelpful and unrelatable. User frumiouswinter summarized the issue flawlessly with a satirical question about a fake class, calling out the pages and pages of posts that clog the valuable posts buried in r/nyu.

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