Liberating drug usage would improve economy

Society would benefit from the legalization of drugs.

Drug legalization irresponsible, dangerous

While the legalization of drugs like marijuana and cocaine may present an exciting change to some people, the lack of regulation would be detrimental to society's moral and physical well-being.

Pope resignation does not change church principles

Pope Benedict XVI will leave his post at the end of the month, but a change of guard may not mean much for progress for ancient religious principles.

Countries must unite to explore universe

Nationalization is the barrier innovation in our space race.

Students must guard online reputation

College students across the nation publicly air their dirty laundry to an unsuspecting audience.

Gruesome bolshoi ballet scandal receives underwhelming media reaction

The death of the director of the Russian ballet and the subsequent underwhelming media attention evince corruption.

United States must provide information on drone program

The Obama administration owes its citizens more information about the use of drone technology. The possibility of a court to oversee drone usage and report to the public offers an interesting solution.

NYU Secrets is key pillar of NYU community

NYU Secrets may sometimes prove vulgar or untrue, but it has become a major part of the fabric of the NYU community, whether we like it or not.

NYU must divest

After McKibben visited Cooper Union on this past Tuesday, it's time we listened to his message.

From sci-fi to real life — the advances of artificial intelligence, part II

With recent developments in computerized intelligence, can we call some modern machines truly intelligent?

Translating anger over student debt across borders

Canadians wouldn't accept the rising tuitions costs in America. So why do we?

Instructing peace in the Middle East

Education can be key to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.