London mixes past, present, future

LSP freshman Samantha Chong quickly learned about the complex identity of London, its people and herself while studying abroad.

United States should expand its worldview

Instead of focusing solely on the Middle East and China, the U.S. should also concentrate on countries such as India, Turkey and South Africa.

Animal abusers are right to be rounded up in database

Legislation that keeps a record of animal abusers is a step in the right direction.

Puff, don’t peeve: Smoke with courtesy

The decision to smoke is an individual privilege and protected, but those who do decide to light up must be aware of others.

Democrat or Republican: Are either the right choice?

In a disappointingly flawed two-party system, opinion editor Chris Dinardo encourages straying from this idea and pursuing his idea of true democracy.

Cuban hunger strikes deserve our attention

The United States should pay more attention to hunger strikes in Cuba.

Voter ID measures spark controversy

New voter ID laws in Republican-led states have sparked much debate and may prevent large minority groups from voting.

NYU trustee should also be bound by law

Daniel Straus, NYU Law donor and namesake of Straus Institute, should be seriously investigate by the university.

Conservatives see Romney as a candidate of last resort

Mitt Romney is not the answer to any of evangelical conservatives' concerns, but Republican extremist voters are more concerned about keeping Obama out of office than finding a candidate that will address their issues.

Should the uninformed shy away from voting?

In a world buzzing with political commentary, it is the young adult’s responsibilty to stay informed and cast his or her vote.

New York’s sexual education curriculum hurts students

High school students suffer the consequences when New York's sexual education system is outdated.

Free speech deserves protection in face of violence

Those who are calling for the imprisonment of the anti-Islamic video’s director are violating the First Amendment.