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A green outdoor dining structure on the street. Inside, three people are eating at a table.

Opinion: Despite its flaws, the city council’s outdoor dining proposal deserves to pass

As the City Council calls for permanent open restaurant stalls, city planners should focus on enhancing the street culture with regulated structures and more walkable streets.
Blake Salesin, Contributing Writer Apr 15, 2022

On April 12, I sat outside at one of the many cafes in Greenwich Village that offer temporary structure seating. I was outlining my argument for this piece, where I planned to...

Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks at a podium during a press conference. She stands in front of an American flag and a royal blue background. She is wearing a black blazer with a pale blue collared shirt.

Opinion: Struggling New Yorkers need Good Cause Eviction legislation

The state eviction moratorium expired in February, leaving thousands of New Yorkers — Black renters in particular — vulnerable to homelessness. A proposed Good Cause Eviction bill would limit rent hikes and reduce evictions.
Asha Ramachandran, Deputy Managing Editor Mar 7, 2022

As New York rent prices increase to their highest levels in decades, Gov. Kathy Hochul has left tenants out to dry. The eviction moratorium that allowed hundreds of thousands of...

Average annual transportation costs in New York City exceed $1,000 per student. NYU should work with the MTA to alleviate this financial burden. (Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Editorial: Hamilton, implement the SGA’s transportation resolution

By instituting discounted subway fares for the NYU community, the university could do its part to support students in need and provide stimulus to local businesses.
WSN Editorial Board Feb 14, 2022

Students travel from all over the world to attend NYU, but the university makes no attempt to alleviate the costs of travel within the city. Commuter students are only miles away...

Sunrise Movement NYU urged the NYU board of trustees to improve transparency and democracy, as well as divest from fossil fuels. For the 1,200 students who have signed a petition created by Sunrise NYU, democracy within the NYU board of trustees and community is imperative. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Letter to the Editor: Divestment, democracy and the board of trustees

The board of trustees is an unaccountable group with overwhelming power. We need to democratize NYU to ensure transparency, accountability and a prosperous future for its students. A response to ​​”Hamilton discusses NYU dorm intruder response, denies private prison investment,” Nov. 18.
Paige Anderson, Contributing Writer Dec 7, 2021

Sunrise Movement NYU launched its Divest NYU campaign this fall, the third push for divestment from fossil fuels at NYU. While each push differed in strategy and specific demands,...

Members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance have been protesting against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s debt relief plan for taxi workers outside City Hall for the past eight days. The plan is weak and does not do enough to financially protect taxi drivers. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Editorial: NYC taxi drivers deserve better than de Blasio’s deal

The debt relief plan offered by Mayor Bill de Blasio should be amended to financially protect taxi workers after decades of deregulation and private greed.
The Editorial Board Sep 27, 2021

For the past eight days, members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance have been engaged in a 24/7 protest outside of City Hall in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s debt relief...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Met Gala dress was seen as tone-deaf by many. The controversy raises the question of whether or not NYU students are ignorant of their own class privilege. (Illustration by Bridget Harshman)

Opinion: AOC’s Met Gala stunt and the frivolous performance of class solidarity

AOC’s Met Gala dress was tone-deaf, but what do the surrounding arguments reveal about NYU students’ own ignorance regarding class and privilege?
Srishti Bungle, Deputy Opinion Editor Sep 23, 2021

On the evening of Sept. 13, the Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Among the many distinguished guests were acclaimed actors, renowned artists,...

America needs high-speed rail

America needs high-speed rail

The rest of the developed world is eating America’s lunch in high-speed rail. Our country needs to act by making it a central part of President Biden’s infrastructure proposal.
Kevin Kurian, Deputy Opinion Editor Mar 26, 2021

The United States falls behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to high-speed rail. From the Czech Republic to China, governments across the world are innovating to...

$15 an hour is not enough, especially in New York

$15 an hour is not enough, especially in New York

Srishti Bungle, Contributing Writer Mar 15, 2021

The fight for the $15 minimum wage started in 2012. Adjusted for inflation, $15 in 2012 is worth $17.41 today. This January, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) led the Democratic Party...

HBO Max decision harms theaters for profit

HBO Max decision harms theaters for profit

Sam Gray, Contributing Writer Mar 15, 2021

Warner Brothers announced that their upcoming movies will be streamed on HBO Max in December. Since these films will be released simultaneously in theaters, this decision has robbed...

NYU’s Impossible Financial Situation

NYU’s Impossible Financial Situation

Like many universities across the country, the pandemic has backed NYU into a corner. The financial pressures facing NYU explain its decision to partially reopen, and will cause it to struggle for years to come.
Emily Dai, Opinion Editor Aug 30, 2020

Like many other universities, NYU faces an impossible catch-22 as our government’s incompetent response to the pandemic causes COVID-19 to continue to ravage this country. NYU...

President Hamilton: Support Students in Need and Take a Pay Cut

President Hamilton: Support Students in Need and Take a Pay Cut

NYU President Andrew Hamilton’s email is just another example of NYU overspending on administrators and failing to genuinely support students in need.
Helen Wajda , Deputy Opinion Editor May 6, 2020

When I received President Andrew Hamilton’s email discussing NYU’s current financial situation last week, I expected it to contain the usual insistence that the administration...

Congress Needs to Provide Stimulus Checks for Mixed-Status Families

Congress Needs to Provide Stimulus Checks for Mixed-Status Families

Congress needs to expand aid packages to include American citizens that make up mixed-status families.
Gabby Lozano, Deputy Opinion Editor May 5, 2020

By now, it is common knowledge that the CARES Act discriminates against undocumented immigrants. A few weeks ago, Secretary of Education Besty DeVos cut funding for DACA recipients...