New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News


A group of people roller skate in Central Park, the person in the front wears a black top, rolled up pants, and red skates. The skaters in the back wear jeans, t-shirts and black skates.

Central Park skating is back in full swing this spring

A WSN photographer takes a spin around Central Park’s Skate Circle for its opening weekend.
Susan Behrends Valenzuela, Editor-at-large Apr 15, 2023

A blue psilocybin capsule inside a glass can placed on a windowsill.

NYU in the psychedelic renaissance

Sheridan Smith, Staff Photographer Apr 9, 2023

Video: Protesters, supporters clash ahead of Trump arraignment

Former President Donald Trump was arraigned on Tuesday at the New York City Criminal Court on charges surrounding his 2016 hush money payment case. A WSN reporter spoke to some of his supporters and dissidents near the courthouse.
Aria Young, Staff Videographer Apr 8, 2023

Grant: I'm here today because I wanted to see for my own eyes what Donald Trump, Trumpism, and all the horrible, racist, antisemitic, and just problematic, overall problematic...

NYU alum helps daughters become mothers

The finale in our series highlighting empowering NYU alumni in Women's History Month
Jennifer Ren, Video Director Mar 31, 2023

Jade Kearney: I felt like I couldn't really be too emotional, like I had to hold it together because my mom, I'm the oldest of eight kids, and so my mom didn't complain. Her mom...

Beyond NYU: Redefining the bra industry with Pepper

Lia Winograd, the co-founder of size-inclusive bra brand Pepper, joins WSN for Women’s History Month.
Jennifer Ren and Jen Lee Mar 29, 2023

Winograd: Your network is your net worth, and I think what I really focused on in the MBA was talking to as many people as possible, and I think that NYU was the connector to all...

Several people stand by the window on the Staten Island Ferry with the sun shining on them. In the background is the downtown Manhattan skyline.

The most picturesque MetroCard rides in New York City

The best views of the city skyline only cost $2.75.
Kevin Wu, Multimedia Editor Mar 27, 2023

Nighttime noodles, a midnight delicacy

Whisk up a bowl of bubbling delight with tomato and eggs in under 30 minutes to celebrate National Noodle Month.
Linsey Liao, Staff Writer Mar 22, 2023

In traditional Chinese culture, noodles represent longevity and happiness. In my family, noodles are the go-to dish for anyone craving a quick, steaming hot bowl of happiness....

To Langone by water: The ferry commute of NYU students and faculty

Members of the NYU Langone community share stories of their regular commutes across the East River.
Jen Lee, Xiyi Li, and Jordan Winick Mar 10, 2023

It's 6:30 in the morning at New York University's ferry dock Manhattan stop. This stop is located at the east end of East 35th Street along the East River. And we're waiting for...

Beyond NYU: Empowering young women with L.O.V.E.

This video celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting L.O.V.E founder Claudia Espinosa’s journey.
Jennifer Ren, Video Director Mar 8, 2023

Espinosa: When you come from a different background, you have to assimilate into a new culture. So, if you think about the psychological development of an adolescent, all the other...

Alan Grossman is pictured, wearing jeans, a navy blue quarter-zip sweater, a blue-and-white button-up shirt and clear glasses. He is sitting on a brown leather couch and holding a map. Behind him is a window with a white curtain facing the street.

‘Where is Greenwich Village?’ A mapmaker’s mission to document a storied neighborhood

Take a trip through the home and life of Greenwich Village’s mapmaker.
Susan Behrends Valenzuela, Editor-at-Large Feb 23, 2023

A person wearing a big-headed Buddha mask guides a lion to its offerings, a bowl of grapefruit and pastries.

A dance of lions

A photographer’s encounter with one of the largest Lunar New Year celebrations in New York’s Chinatown.
Qianshan Weng, Staff Photographer Feb 17, 2023

Chameleons, guinea pigs and ferrets, oh my! What it’s like to be a pet parent at NYU

Pets bring comfort and companionship — helping NYU students reduce the stress of managing a college workload and living in New York City.
Jennifer Ren, Video Director Feb 16, 2023

Ren: Living in a fast-paced city like New York can get a bit lonely and stressful sometimes. If you have wondered whether you should share your college experience with a furry...

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