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Playwright William Electric Black, also known as Ian Ellis James, is a professor at NYU Tisch and seven-time Emmy winner for his work on “Sesame Street.” The writer reviews his recent work, “The Whites,” which switches the races of black and white people. (via NYU)

‘It’s Okay to Feel Angry About This Play’

By Julie Goldberg, Books & Theater Editor November 15, 2019

“The Whites” is a play that rests on a controversial premise: what if black people had enslaved white people? What if black cops were shooting white people at an alarming rate? What if whites once...

Coldplay performing at Global Citizen Festival in Hamberg, Germany. The group recently released new music, from slow (via Wikimedia)

Coldplay Announces Upcoming Double Album, Releases New Singles

By Ishaan Parmar , Deputy News Editor November 8, 2019

Coldplay released three songs in late October — “Arabesque,” “Orphans” and “Everyday Life” — to announce their upcoming double album, “Everyday Life.” The first half of the album is...

A still from

‘Greener Grass’: A Lackluster Attempt at Social Satire

By Nico Pedrero-Setzer, Staff Writer November 8, 2019

Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe’s “Greener Grass” plays out like an over-extended SNL skit by David Lynch. Satirizing the preservation of the status quo in a listless suburban town, DeBoer and Luebbe...

In this autobiographical drama, “Honey Boy,” set to release on November 8th, Shia LaBeouf tells a heart wrenching reflection of his life. (via Amazon Studios)

‘Honey Boy’: Shia LaBeouf’s Coming of Age

By Nyssa Joseph, Contributing Writer November 1, 2019

In a heart-wrenching therapeutic drama, Shia LaBeouf tells the story of his childhood growing up in an impoverished sect of Los Angeles and trying to break into Hollywood as a child actor. “Honey Boy,”...

Yorgos Lanthimos’s 2005 solo debut comes to America for the first time. It follows three strangers in a strange alliance to recreate homicides. The writer explains how the film failed to reach its potential both in its aesthetics and character development. (via Haos Film)

‘Kinetta’: A Cornucopia of Wasted Potential

By Nico Pedrero-Setzer, Staff Writer November 1, 2019

Unseen by American eyes up until now, Yorgos Lanthimos’s 2005 solo debut has finally arrived in the U.S. courtesy of the Museum of the Moving Image. Following a photo-store clerk, a chambermaid and a...

For their latest show, NYU Lamplighters is putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast on November 8th and 9th. (Via NYU Lamplighters)

NYU Lamplighters Lights the Way for Children’s Theater

By Dani Herrera, Staff Writer October 21, 2019

While student theater groups abound at NYU, only one group caters specifically to young audiences. This group calls itself NYU Lamplighters. According to Emily Carpenter, Gallatin junior and current...

“Ghosteen” is an avant garde poetic epic recounting the trials of grief and mourning, created and released in the wake of the death of Nick Cave's son. The album focuses on grief in the long term, rather than an immediate reaction. (via Nick Cave)

Nick Cave’s ‘Ghosteen’ Is a Heartbreaking Lesson in Musical Mourning

By Sophia Letson-Ettin, Contributing Writer October 11, 2019

Nick Cave has done it again. The conclusion to his trilogy that also includes 2013’s “Push the Sky Away” and 2016’s “Skeleton Tree,” “Ghosteen” is a poetic epic recounting the trials of...

Sami Staitman, Corbin Williams, Ariana Valdes, and Eli LaCroix act in The Green Room, a musical at the American Theatre of Actors. (Photo Courtesy of S. Scott Miller)

‘The Green Room’ Is a Love Letter to Thespians That Falls Short of Its Premise

By Megan Chew, Staff Writer October 11, 2019

“The Green Room,” which made its New York premiere Off-Broadway on Sept. 27, tackles the gravity of our choices — in our relationships, careers and education — and how they either strengthen or...

Ellen Martin (Meryl Streep) in

‘The Laundromat’ Is Star-Studded and Half-Baked

By Beth Crawford, Staff Writer October 4, 2019

In less than a minute, Steven Soderbergh affirms what we already knew to be true: Antonio Banderas is, and will always be, a stone-cold fox. Suit-clad and smugly traversing the fourth wall at every turn,...

Disney's 3D remake of the 1994 Lion King animated movie. (via Disney)

Is Disney Ruining the Circle of 2D Life?

By Megan Chew, Contributing Writer September 20, 2019

Much like the Italian Renaissance, the Disney Renaissance of the ‘90s brought us many artistic treasures: “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” and  “Hercules,” to name a few. Now, Disney is...

(via Netflix)

‘Elite’ Season Two Explores the Secret Lives of Spanish Prep School Students With New Twist

By Alyssa Craig, Contributing Writer September 20, 2019

The cliffhanger in the season one finale of “Elite” left fans with many questions. Namely, how will a show that spent the whole season building up to a murder retain the same level of intrigue now...

Entrancing, Enchanting and Immersive: Rachel Howard Solo Exhibition Opens in Chelsea

By Neil Dittrich, Contributing Writer September 13, 2019

British artist Rachel Howard recently launched her solo exhibition, open from Sept. 6-Oct. 26 at Blain|Southern New York, a prominent international gallery on West 25th Street. The theme of the exhibition...