Ennyluap F/W 2018

Faith Marnecheck, Contributing Writer

Ennyluap’s 2018 New York Fashion Week show came in with a literal bang that signaled a new direction for the brand as the loud and thumping techno-club music subsided to more instrumental sounds that were somehow still punchy. The change in music began the show with an energizing and artistic feel as the models appeared on the runway.

The collection obviously drew from the label’s classic “yacht club look of breezy stripes, loose feminine silhouettes, and bold colors, but the runway also portrayed a much more disheveled yet workplace-appropriate looks. The collection was comprised of pieces in mostly neutral and jewel tones, with a few brighter colors shining through in select looks, including a gorgeous and almost-regal golden and red floral dress. In order to let the outfits stand as the focus, the models skipped accessories and wore neutral and often simple heels. Purposely messy up-dos of small braids and buns, and a few looks, like a detailed leather dress, black stiletto boots and a fierce black and white cape, brazenly portrayed an edgy side to the brand. However, this contrasted with the often more professional outfits that included blazers, blouses and pencil skirts in plaids and subdued grey tones, to create a collection that was altogether moving in a more sophisticated direction for the brand yet also adding a more, perhaps, gritty side as well.

This attempt at portraying a developed and unique brand was successful as the looks were cohesive and interesting in a way that allowed the relatively new Ennyluap to make its mark on NYFW as an evolving brand.

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