Fitness Options That You Can Afford



Yoga for the People on St. Marks Place offers donation based classes.

Alejandra Arevalo, Contributing Writer

The semester just started and you have probably set new personal goals to make the most of it. If you’re anything like everyone else in the country, being fit is probably somewhere near the top of that list. Leaving appearance out of the equation, exercising is beneficial for your physical and emotional health — it is a way to distract yourself from the heavy course load while strengthening your body. Although fitness classes can be expensive in New York, there are many low-budget options to checkout.

NYU Athletics isn’t only in charge of the several club sports that the university has; it also offers recreational courses which are open to all students. Starting from $30 a month, you can sign up for specialized classes that meet once a week at the university’s gyms. NYU offers classes in Dance, Martial Arts, Individual Fitness and Aquatics, with flexible time slots to choose from.

CAS freshman Sijia Meng  said she loved participating in an NYU fitness class.

“I think that Total Body Blast is a great workout experience for both beginners and advanced trainers,” Meng said of the class hosted at 404 Fitness. “The class has a really clear structure so you get to do fun body cardio workout and specific exercises that target the core, arms, back and legs. And the instructor is really funny so the class isn’t overwhelming at all.”

But if you want to spend less, The People’s Bootcamp is the place you are looking for. A pay-what-you-can fitness studio that boasts how training “produces more sweat in about 45-minutes than most people see in a week.” With only your body as workout equipment, prepare to workout in a friendly environment where the trainers will make sure the exercises are suitable for your fitness level.

Connecting with yourself is a crucial part of being healthy ,and yoga is your best option for that. Tisch freshman Molly Mielke found her perfect relaxation spot: Yoga for the People at St. Marks Place.

“Unlike most yoga studios, they encourage you to free yourself — sometimes positions can be challenging so groans and moans are more than welcomed,” Mielke said. “Around 7 a.m. is the best time to go because, as it is a donation-based studio, it can get really crowded. Try to always donate some change but if all you can give is a smile that is totally fine.”

Cycling studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel Sports offer first timer discounts. You can get one first-timer class and a free class for 34 dollars at SoulCycle. Rumble Boxing also has intense boxing classes starting at $20. Similarly, South Brooklyn Crossfit offers a free class for first-timers.

These are just a few of the dozens of options available around the city. Whenever you visit a new fitness place, remember to ask for student and first-timers discounts, as most places have some kind of benefit for you.

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