New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

A hand holds a cup of coffee with foam on top. The cup is white and the person holding the coffee is wearing a beige coat.

Opinion: College hyperproductivity culture normalizes caffeine addiction

In the city that never sleeps, students will do anything to stay awake.
Manami Yamano, Contributing Writer March 6, 2023

Every morning, hundreds of NYU students stop at Pret A Manger, Starbucks, or any one of the other countless coffee chains in the city to purchase their constant companion and faithful...

From left to right: A man with brown hair wearing a gray jacket with grid patterns and a white T-shirt. A man with dark hair wearing a blue T-shirt with an unintelligible logo, a black jacket and black pants. A man with dark hair wearing a white T-shirt, a green jacket and beige pants. They stand in front of a cyan-colored wall with a half-opened, white grid door.

Q&A: New Rules discuss TikTok fame and their boy band identity

WSN sat down with the U.K. and Irish boy band to talk about their new song, music tastes and favorite type of pasta.
Julia Diorio, Contributing Writer November 21, 2022

Not to be confused with the Dua Lipa song, New Rules is everything you’d want from a United Kingdom-based boy band. Alec McGarry, Nathan Lambert and Ryan Meaney first broke...

Spot Dessert’s matcha lava cake is made of a chocolate sponge filled with warm matcha ganache. This popular dessert shop is just one of six must-try places for the next time you’re looking for a laid-back night out. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

Six Places for a Low-Key Night Out

Looking for a low-key night out? Try these six spots to have a chill time out with friends.
 Mehhma Malhi, Contributing Writer February 10, 2020

A night out in New York City has no definitive meaning. It can refer to a wild adventure to the hippest bar or club, but every now and then, you may feel exhausted at the end of...

Tea is a great alternative source of caffeine for students that dont enjoy coffee. (Staff Illustration by Marva Shi)

Finding the Perfect Cup: Tea Houses Near Campus for Every Occasion

From relaxed study sessions to cozy afternoons with friends, tea houses around campus have your back this winter.
Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer November 19, 2019

Students are always buzzing about studying in coffee shops, but not everyone is about that kind of caffeine. Here are some noteworthy destinations for the tea lovers out there,...

A visitor stands among the neon signs.

Satisfy Your Sensorium With Tea and Neon at New Pop-Up

Room For Tea combines art, education and food into this new pop-up exhibit.
Emily Mason, Contributing Writer September 24, 2018
Room For Tea combines art, education and food into this new pop-up exhibit.
Happy Lemon, in Queens, sells traditional bubble tea as well as Cheese Tea.

A New Drink Possibilitea

Liv Chai, Staff Writer November 30, 2017
After Egg Cappuccino, Cheese Tea is starting to come up in people's feeds, sparking a lot of interest.
Bubble tea ice cream from Bar Pa Tea, located on 85 Kenmare St.

Bar Pa Tea Bubbling with Flavor

Natalie Chinn, Staff Writer November 27, 2017
Bubble tea can be served as a hot or cold drink. But have you ever tried it as ice cream? Bar Pa Tea offers delicious bubble tea ice cream with amazing flavors.
The Coffee Issue

The Coffee Issue

Yasmin Gulec, Dining Editor November 20, 2017
Grab a hot cup of coffee, let the familiar smell that carries centuries of history surround you and slowly sip away while you enjoy the Coffee Issue.
Boba Guys, at 23 Clinton St., is a popular bubble tea spot founded originally in San Francisco.

The Best Boba Spots Near NYU

Sherah Ndjongo, Staff Writer April 24, 2017
NYU students are going crazy Boba Tea. Don’t know where to find it? Don’t fret. These fantastic bubble tea shops all around campus are ready for you to stop by.
For those who need a boost in energy but dont like the negative side effects of coffee, tea is an excellent option.  There are many places near campus that offer a vast selection of natural energy boosters.

6 Tea Places to Keep You Awake and Warm

Drew Lederman, Contributing Writer February 13, 2017
As a college student you need that extra burst of energy. For those who don’t like coffee, it can be hard to find energizing drinks that are also warm to fight off that winter chill. Here is a list of the best places around campus for tea awake and warm throughout the winter season.
Kale and Swiss Chard at Union Square Greenmarket.

Food Fighters: How to Kick that Cold Without Medicine

Geomari Martinez, Contributing Writer February 1, 2017
Every year, the winter season showcases this all-too-familiar symphony of sickness. If you forgot to get the flu shot this year, take a quick peek at your pantry or nearest dining hall and munch, sip, and eat your way out of that cold with these food fighters—you’ll be singing songs of joy in no time!
Staff Recs: Best Seasonal Beverage

Staff Recs: Best Seasonal Beverage

WSN Staff November 4, 2016
Feeling cold? Need some warming up? Unless you ask our News Editor, the WSN Staff has a boatload of perfect warm seasonal drinks to perk you right up.