Bowling Your Food


Staff Photo by Ryan Quan

The PokeSpot offers a large range of fresh, delicious ingredients to customize the perfect poke bowl.

Yasmin Gulec, Dining Editor

2016 was filled with many great, wacky food trends — one that thankfully carried into the new year is food in bowls. Eating from bowls is not a new trend, especially when quinoa bowls became popular in 2014, but according to the food industry consulting firm Technomic, entrees in bowls has seen a 29.7 percent rise in popularity over the past five years. And as one of the hippest cities in the world, New York delivers several different places to get trending, bowled food: acai, rice and poke.

Here are some places where you can get great bowls near NYU:

Acai Bowls

The Bean – With nearby locations at 824 Broadway, 54 Second Ave. and 147 First Ave. The Bean is a great place not only to get a bowl of acai, but also to sip coffee while studying. All their acai bowl varieties are delicious and very filling.

Two Hands – Both a restaurant and a cafe, this cute, minimalistic eatery is just around the corner from Washington Square Park at 164 Mott St. It closes at 6 p.m., so it is a convenient place to complete some homework after class or even just relax for a while.

The Squeeze Juice – The Squeeze claims it is dedicated to producing and offering the best-tasting raw foods available in Manhattan, while simultaneously honoring the planet and the environment. It is located at 108 Macdougal St. — near Lipton Residence Hall — and The Squeeze offers an acai protein bowl that provides a healthy start to your day.

Rice Bowls

Bowllin’ – Located at 27 Waverly Pl., Bowllin’ offers great DIY rice bowl options: a rice base, protein, veggies, sides and sauce. This is a great place to eat and study, because it is right across from the Silver Center for Arts and Sciences. Bowlin’ also offers a great ginger and honey tea, the best remedy for a sore throat.

Num Pang Sandwich Shop – While this place is famous for its delicious sandwiches, the rice bowls here should not be overlooked. The closest location to NYU’s campus is 28 E. 12th St., which is between University Place and Fifth Avenue. Some favorites among their rice bowl varieties are the Lemongrass Braised Beef Short Rib Rice Bowl, the Seasonal Vegetable Rice Bowl and the Coconut Tiger Shrimp Rice Bowl.

Korilla – Before turning into a successful Korean barbecue restaurant, Korilla was a food truck and competed in the Great Food Truck Race before getting disqualified for cheating. Looking past the cheating, this restaurant is a great place to get rice bowls. The food orders works similarly to Chipotle: you choose your main protein, toppings and then sauce. Pick up a burrito, salad, rice bowl or taco at 23 Third Ave., which is near the corner of St. Mark;s Place and Third Avenue.

Poke Bowls

The PokeSpot – Just like NYU, PokeSpot takes pride in unifying cultures through cuisines. They emphasize fresh ingredients that will enhance your poke experience. They offer both signature pokebowls and DIY ones where you customize the toppings, bases and sauces. They also offer rice bowls and zucchini noodles. The PokeSpot is located at 120 Fourth Ave., a short walk from Carlyle, Third North and Founders Residence Halls.

POKEE – With signature dishes like classic tuna, rainbow tuna and tofu bowl, POKEE offers a delicious variety of poke bowl options. It is located at 121 W. Third St., just a short walk from Lipton Residence Hall.

Simple – This minimalist place is located at 109 Eldridge St., a 10 minute walk from the Broome Street Residence Hall and a 20-minute walk from Washington Square Park. They have a wide variety of poke bowl options, ranging from a vegan organic tofu bowl to an ahi salmon bowl.

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