Makeup Wipes Can’t Clear All Your Face-Cleansing Needs


Veronica Liow

Ranking of faces wipes brands – which are best for removing makeup, dirt, and oil of the skin.

Ali Webb, Staff Writer

We’ve all been there — getting home late after a long day or night out with barely enough energy to change into comfortable clothes, let alone take a shower or go through a full skincare routine. Luckily, face wipes can come to the rescue in these instances, removing makeup, dirt and oil from the skin with minimal effort. But beyond these instances, is this lazy approach worth using as a regular time-saving ritual? Below are some brands ranked best to worst, as well as some general advice on the matter.


This brand of wipes keeps its moisture and leaves the face looking clean and feeling refreshed. They are easily available at most stores that sell beauty and hygiene products. While some drugstores around New York sell Neutrogena at a high price, a savvy student can find many varieties on Amazon at around $5 per pack of 30. Besides their regular makeup removing towelettes, Neutrogena carries a natural option for the environmentally-conscious, deep cleaning wipes for clogged pores and a night calming variety to help with a smooth transition into sleep. Their grapefruit scented wipes not only keep skin clear, but have a refreshing scent.

Yes to…

These wipes also remove dirt and rejuvenate skin fairly effectively. Their basic cucumber and coconut varieties get the job done. Along with the brand’s grapefruit towelettes, all three variations have won various beauty awards. They have a wide and growing range of options, for skins that are acne-prone to those with an aging complexion. The company dares to think differently with the now-trendy charcoal. They also offer 2-in-1 cleansing and moisturizing wipes. The brand ranks a little lower than Neutrogena due to its price ($6-8 for a pack of 25-30 on Amazon) as well as being somewhat less widely available. However, its innovation and effectiveness makes it still worth trying.

Burt’s Bees

This nearly all-natural company provides wipes which do an excellent job of cleansing. They also carry a range of skincare products for different purposes. Although their variety has limited options compared to it’s competitors, they are reasonably priced for those on a student budget. They cost only a little over $5 for 30 and are a reliable choice for those with sensitive skin who want to avoid unnatural chemicals.

Baby wipes

No longer solely for infants, these wipes actually remove makeup and oil pretty well. While not traditionally designed as a face cleansing product and may leave some less satisfied, this option is economical as one can easily get double or more of the towelettes for the same price. Burt’s Bees actually carries baby wipes, but a more common brand like Pampers work just as effectively and can be very cheap (you can get 504 for around $12 here).

Forever 21

Do not buy these. While they have a similar cost to the Burt’s Bees baby wipes, the low quality of this product is obvious. It has trouble holding its moisture and leaves too much makeup on the face, which leads to breakouts.

Overall, face wipes are a great way to cleanse and freshen up in a rush. Those who prefer not to spend much time on skincare may be interested in using them daily. The towelettes, however, do not clean quite as deeply as actually washing your face, so it is ideal to still make the extra time and effort a couple times a week. Those who break out easily should keep wipe usage to a minimum. All in all, face wipes are amazing in moderation, whether one chooses a fun, specialized type or goes on a budget friendly with baby wipes.

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