New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The glass exterior of the N.Y.U. Langone Health building, with an incomplete circle around the word N.Y.U on the signage.

NYU Langone to study AI detection for blood clot conditions

The medical center is working with ultrasound artificial intelligence company ThinkSono to study how it could help health care workers detect blood clots in deep veins using AI.
Aashna Miharia, Contributing Writer November 16, 2023

NYU Langone Health is conducting a study to look at how artificial intelligence can help untrained health care workers perform ultrasound scans to detect blood clots in veins....

The glass exterior of the N.Y.U Langone Health building, with a broken circle around the word N.Y.U on the signage.

Nursing union accuses NYU Langone of understaffing

Even after a health department visit, short-staffing grievances continue to pile up as the hospital denies the union’s allegations.
Tori Morales, Editor-at-Large September 12, 2023

Understaffing at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn is putting intensive care patients at risk and violating state law, according to the hospital’s nursing union.  The union,...

A box of emergency contraceptive pills on a white tabletop. The box reads “Plan B. One-Step.”

Opinion: What if you could get Plan B from a vending machine on campus?

Universities across the country have installed vending machines that sell round-the-clock, contact-free emergency contraception on their campuses. NYU needs to follow suit.
Aksha Mittapalli, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

The George Washington University installed a first-of-its-kind vending machine on its campus last month. Instead of dispensing snacks, energy drinks, or other late-night study...

A collage of three photos. On the left is a drawing of a big, red lollipop against a green background. In the middle is a lime green wall with the words “Food in New York” and “bigger than the plate” painted in elaborate fonts. On the right is an orange vendor’s cart inside a museum.

The food New York City eats, and where it comes from

Fabio Parasecoli, one of the curators of “Food in New York: Bigger Than the Plate,” a special exhibition now on view at the Museum of the City of New York, gives you a guided tour.
Daeun Lee, Contributing Writer February 9, 2023

New York City is home to cuisines from all over the world. From the Jewish staple matzo ball soup to Cantonese siu mai, name any dish and you can likely find a restaurant that...

A warning posted for visitors to the N.Y.U. Student Health Center at 726 Broadway. The sign indicates that students must have an appointment to visit the health center.

Opinion: A whole pandemic later, I still can’t access the Student Health Center

It’s been three years since COVID-19 taught us the importance of getting quick and efficient medical care. But NYU’s health center still has long wait times, making appointments inaccessible to students who need them.
Astrid Arias, Contributing Writer February 9, 2023

When you first get accepted to NYU, one of the very first things you have to do is make an online account with the Student Health Center. If you do not have your own insurance,...

An illustration of a green, circular planet with two men’s faces in it. They are wearing white shirts with the text “M.C.W.” on them. The words “Beyond N.Y.U.” are written above the circle. The background is dark purple with white sketches of planets and stars.

Beyond NYU: Working toward worldwide access to health and education

Each week, WSN sits down with an NYU student, faculty member or alum who’s making change beyond NYU. This week, alums Eddie Bergman and Khalid Elachi share how they created MCW Global to fight against educational, economic and health related issues.
Adrianna Nehme, Deputy News Editor February 9, 2023

NYU alums Eddie Bergman and Khalid Elachi are working with vulnerable communities on issues related to health, education and economics with their nonprofit organization, Miracle...

A hand holds a blue, smoking vape labeled “blueberry” on it. The image is enclosed in a foam green circle, and a depiction of space is in the background.

Beyond NYU: Quitting vaping with judgment-free Jones

Each week, WSN sits down with an NYU student, faculty member or alum who’s making change beyond NYU. Stern MBA student Caroline Huber shares how the startup she founded with her childhood friend helps people quit vaping in a judgment-free environment.
Abby Wilson, News Editor September 23, 2022

Stern MBA student Caroline Huber and her childhood friend Hilary Dubin are on a mission to create the new Nicorette — a nicotine replacement chewing gum that was developed in...

An illustration of an NYU transcript with a W grade for one course.

Opinion: For students’ health, a W grade on a transcript should be expungeable

The rigidity of the withdrawal policy may push students to prioritize grades over health.
Sophie Moller, Contributing Writer April 13, 2022

If a student withdraws from a course after the add/drop period, a W will appear on their transcript. According to guidelines from the NYU Division of Student Affairs, students...

A group of protesters in Foley Square at the Civic Center. On the right, a black banner with the names of trans people of color painted in white. In the center behind a row of people is a banner with blue, white and pink details. On the right, a lady stands with a trans flag tied around her shoulders like a cape.

Opinion: It’s time to give trans people respect, agency and autonomy

Transphobic bills have continued to pass through state legislatures, but American democracy should be protecting transgender people, not oppressing them.
Aarna Dixit, Staff Writer March 23, 2022

On March 1, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed state officials to start handling certain medical treatments as child abuse crimes. These medical treatments include gender-affirming...

This semester, students find that NYU’s attendance policies contradict with the university’s messaging about student health and wellbeing. The various approaches to attendance policies of different schools and professors are more visible due to continuing effects of the pandemic. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

NYU’s contradictory attendance policies raise health concerns

Students struggle with vague absence guidelines and apathetic professors.
Ava Emilione, Staff Writer November 16, 2021

Tisch junior Meagan Wachtel’s room resembles an art studio. With colored markers and production schedules filling their desk, Wachtel’s dedication to her studies is apparent....

COVID-19 guidelines are taped on the Campus Safety desk at Third North, one of NYUs residence halls. Jp Iregbulem writes that NYU should continue improvements made to public health and accessibility even after the pandemic. (Staff Photo by Sirui Wu)

Opinion: Make some COVID policies permanent

The COVID-19 pandemic forced NYU to make some positive changes to university policies. From improved ventilation to remote learning, NYU should maintain these changes even after the pandemic ends.
Jp Iregbulem, Staff Writer November 10, 2021

It is said that crises can, in the long run, prove to be windows to new opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a great example of such a crisis. Overall, NYU...

Theres a giant box filled with condoms at every NYU residence hall. This article will help you find the perfect one in this mountain of options. (Staff Photo and Illustration by Alex Tran)

Ranked: NYU dorm condoms

The writer of this article does not want her mom to know she wrote about condoms and would like to remain anonymous.
The Culture Desk September 20, 2021

Listen, it's college. Some people have sex and some people don’t. But if you are going to take part in sexual activity — especially if it involves a penis — it’s important...