FTL Moda S/S 2017

From the moment FTL Moda’s Spring/Summer 2017 show began, it was clear to all in attendance that the show would be one to remember. The production company, which showcased five capsule collections for their evening show, selected the designers from applications from all over the world. Each designer that presented had a unique vision to share, and each collection, although shown in sequence, told their own palpable story.

The first collection to hit the runway, Shock and Awww, immediately grabbed the audience’s attention with its statement jackets and vibrant colors. The leather and camo in the collection, combined with metallic designs and funky details, were edgy with a playful twist. While many of the looks were wearable for the streets of New York City, some looks had a raunchy edge, with suggestive quotes like “GET WET” and “CASH ONLY” on the drop crotch of men’s pants. Even if the lewdness of these looks might not be for everyone, in general the collection radiated youthfulness and energy. Although each look was certainly eye-catching, a bit more variety would have pushed the collection to the next level.

Next, LeVico presented a stand out collection with a myriad of colors and patterns. Along with arm cuffs and medallion necklaces, many of the models donned intricate headpieces which made a huge statement on the runway. Each look was rich in culture, and the collection as a whole was extraordinarily cohesive. In particular, the final look of the collection, a patterned gown with a peplum detail and a wing-like shoulder piece, stole the show.

The Chasa collection by Chandrakala Sanap stunned in hues of gold and red. The gowns moved beautifully on the runway, and in each look one could clearly recognize the designer’s Indian roots. This collection also produced one of the most stand-out moments of the entire production when each model held signs with words of inspiration, such as “FREEDOM,” “PRIDE,” and “COURAGE” in the finale. This unexpected ending was an empowering moment which helped hone in on the collection’s inspiration.


The next collection, Fllumaé, was a favorite of the night. In an exclusive interview with WSN, the designer explained that the inspiration for the collection came from a trip to Dubai that she took over the summer, which made her want to combine eastern and western culture into one collection. Many of her looks had detailed capes draped over flowing gowns, and many of the models wore head scarves and beaded face veils. Two stand out pieces were the floral gowns, which took the longest to make, according to the designer, since putting on the rose petals took “a lot of work” from the design team.

Finally, the show came to a close with Vaishali S., whose collection was comprised of mostly earth tones and versatile fabrics. The designer drew inspiration from Indian textiles with a modern flair, and as a whole her collection was light and airy with flowy silhouettes and silky fabrics. Even the background music was soft and peaceful compared to the music in previous collections, ending the show in a refreshing manner.

All in all, FTL Moda did a spectacular job putting on this production. Each collection was different than the one before it, meaning no shows got lost in the mix. With the combined hard work of the FTL Moda team and these talented designers, the night was definitely a success.
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