Zachary Prell Spring/Summer 2017

Gabriella Bower, Beauty and Style Editor

Zachary Prell spring/summer 2017 was preppy with a deconstructed edge. Head wraps, scarves and Tevas juxtaposed summer suits and structured ensembles. Every look comprised of many layers. Nearly every collared shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and paired with an undershirt in a complementing color.

A favorite look was the pink shorts paired with a darker pink and purple plaid shirt with a salmon undershirt. While one would expect the colors to clash, Prell mastered the ability to highlight and complement similar colors in a single ensemble.

Prell also played around with fabrics in matching colors, best seen in his navy suit. The suit jacket and trousers had an almost metallic shine and was paired with a stark navy basic shirt. This monochrome outfit utilized texture to add greater depth to an otherwise classic look for men.

In conclusion, Zachary Prell spring/summer 2017 was not just your average preppy collection. With his innovative knowledge of color pairings and his use of crinkled and deconstructed accessories, as well as his fresh styling eye, Prell will be sure to inspire your inner prepster.

Gabriella Bower is the Beauty and Style Editor. Email her at [email protected]