Timo Weiland “Go Bananas” S/S 2017

Tatiana Perez

Timo Weiland showcased his Spring / Summer 2017 collection at the Cadillac House, a more than appropriate choice given the aesthetic of the clothing collection itself.

The Cadillac House is a contemporary, window-filled venue that encapsulates modern architectural trends. The contemporary features, however, are juxtaposed with a vintage model Cadillac at the entrance of the venue. This juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage is exactly what is also seen in Weiland’s clothing collection.

The vintage inspirations are seen in the form of ‘50s style trousers, skinny ties, and collared shirts layered with printed sweaters. The contemporary trends are showcased through bomber jackets, Doc Martens, sandals, and the replacement of buttons with zippers on a classically-styled dress shirt. The mixing of the two resulted in a look that could only be described as ‘50s prep meeting Millennial punk.

In the past, Weiland has been known for his use of music as inspiration for a collection. As I began to pay closer attention to the music that accompanied the runway show, I realized that it was the perfect mix of ‘50s class rock with an alternative millennial twist, only strengthening the evident choice made by Weiland to mix the two contrasting aesthetics.


Overall, Timo Weiland’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection was more than successful. The dedication shown by Weiland’s team as they brought to life the aesthetic of the collection through both music and the selection of the venue is more than respectable. Weiland’s collection titled “Go Bananas” surely made me “go bananas.” I am more than excited to see what the future holds for this power team.

Tatiana Perez is the Video Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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