Cadet S/S 2017

The Cadet spring/summer 2017 collection remained true to the brand’s military integrity. The models strutted down the runway to a pulsating marching beat resembling ‘Chariots of Fire,’ sporting uniforms reminiscent of Grecian armies.

Jumpsuits, plunging necklines and monochrome two piece sets were the foundation of this collection. Every model wore the men’s equivalent of the espadrille sandal which was new and refreshing to see as opposed to the outdated flip flop.

The standout pieces of this collection were the graphic t-shirts and sweaters with Latin phrases. Some proclaimed “Per Augusta Ad Augusta” (Through Difficulties To Honors); a quintessential military inspiration while others said “Bono Malum Superate” (Overcome Evil with Good) and “Fac Fortia et Patere” (Do Brave Deeds and Endure).


The show culminated with the models congregating in the center of the runway waiting for one model to lead them to the end, similar to how a general leads his or her army into battle. While remaining true to their military brand integrity, Cadet spring/summer 2017 presented their collection in a refreshing and empowering way.

Gabriella Bower is the Beauty and Style Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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