Ricardo Seco S/S 2017

Enter Hotel Americano: a contemporary, boutique-style hotel located at the heart of NYC’s art district. Now enter Hotel Americano’s rooftop: a tropical, chic escape at the top of the contemporary, boutique-style hotel. Ricardo Seco, the well-renowned Mexican fashion designer, could not have picked a better spot to showcase his collection being that Hotel Americano was designed by a Mexican, New York-based architect: Enrique Norten. In it’s foundation, the setting chosen by Seco has Mexican roots with a contemporary flare — a facet that transcends the setting and is evident in Seco’s collection.

Side-by-side and poolside, the models each sport a reflective visor, black running shoes and their own version of sportswear: from nylon joggers and long-sleeve tees to matching short and bomber sets. However, the similarities stop there. True to Seco’s Mexican roots, the collection is rich in varying colors and each look shows off it’s own Mexican-inspired print.

Some models wearing ponchos more evidently showcase traditional Mexican attire, while others more subtly sport the cultural inspiration wearing long sleeve t-shirts with stripes that mimic a customary poncho. Accompanying the Miami-like pool ambiance, mariachi-inspired lounge music plays in the background — yet another facet of the presentation that strengthens the mixture of Mexican culture and contemporary trends.

By juxtaposing classic Mexican prints with current athliesure trends, as well as choosing a setting that matches the aesthetic of his collection, Seco once again successfully interweaves contemporary trends with Mexican culture.


Tatiana Perez is the Video Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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