NYMD S/S 2017 Morning Presentation

New York Men’s Day morning presentation featured 5 unique designers. Held in separate studios within Industria Superstudios, each designer created an individual aesthetic and ambiance moving guests from cabanas on a beach to the streets of California and David Hockney’s backyard.

David Naman

David Naman showcased a collection that equally embodied downtown cool and surburbia chic. Pastels and Peter Pan collars were paired with bomber jackets and not-your-average pants. From patchwork denim to cargo joggers and cuffed chinos — where the rolled cuff was a floral print — the pants nearly stole the show. The true statement piece of the collection was the grey summer suit: a classic blazer paired with tailored shorts. You will be sure to see men sporting this look next spring.

Wood House


Wood House featured bold prints, their signature skirted pants and a range of hats as well as several retro style sunglasses. The collection was beautiful yet impractical and is difficult to call ready-to-wear as many of the printed suits and monochrome two piece sets are hard to imagine on the streets of every day. However, the collection’s emphasis on men’s accessories foreshadows the definite resurgence of stylish toppers for guys this coming spring and summer.


PLAC spring/summer 2017 was inspired by David Hockney and demonstrated a modern twist on the aesthetic of the 60s. Colorful pieces as well as stripes were prevalent throughout the collection. While the art deco set designed by Thomas Petherick was stunning, the collection itself was average and underwhelming.

Max ‘n Chester

Max ‘n Chester, a NYC based label that focuses on Japanese cottons, spring/summer collection was cabana boy chic in the best way possible. The ensembles were either white, blue, tan and creme. Blue seersucker cotton suits also made an appearance. The collection had both men’s and women’s styles showing how summer linens truly transcend decades and genders.

David Hart

Finally the David Hart spring/summer 2017 was fun and fresh. Clearly inspired by both California surfers and tropical resort wear, this collection brought the beach to the streets. The runway mimicked a beach boardwalk and lively music played in the background to which all the models were dancing. Yellows, blues and camel dominated the collection’s color scheme. Finally, almost every look was furnished with some sort of wood or ceramic accessory — an urban modification on the tiki and puka shell necklaces.  

Gabriella Bower is the Beauty and Style Editor. Email her at [email protected]



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