Georgine Spring/Summer 2016

Larson Binzer, Senior Editor

Designer Georgine Ratelband’s goal was to break free of typical fashion perception and rules this Spring/Summer 2016 season. Set at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station on the West Side, Georgine’s show featured accompanying, upbeat music that matched the season’s lively and colorful themes. Laverne Cox also cheerfully greeted the designer backstage before the show and sat front row to view the collection.

To break traditional perceptions of design, Ratelband redesigned traditional clothing from suits to evening gowns to daily wear in unconventional fabrics and materials. Her inspiration seemed to stem from asking exceptional questions and pushing limits that few designers have dared to test.

“Why does a jean jacket have to be made out of denim?” said Ratelband. “Why can’t I make it out of leather? Why can I not make an evening gown out of spandex? I was trying to take modern day technology and [employ] that on my designs.”

The collection debuted innovative creations such as spandex evening wear, sequined gym bottoms, and leather sleeves. Elegant, open-back dresses made frequent appearances, while colorful furs played a prominent role. The collection included fur accessories such as purses and shawls along with fur sleeves on several detailed dresses.

In addition to unique materials, the collection primarily consisted of solid hues of pink, blue and purple mixed with tan and light jade. These monochromes combined with the occasional, muted floral patterns at times created a vision closer to that of a garden party than a fashion show, however.

Georgine’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection will certainly be a bright release from the cold and bleak New York winter as Ratelband showed that some rules are indeed meant to be broken with style.

Larson Binzer is an editor. Email her at [email protected]