Jill Stuart Spring/Summer 2016

Jill Stuart’s latest collection came like a true spring breeze that softened the bare walls and rusted pipes of Industria Superstudios.

The first look, a lavender tube top and ivory silk pant, brought a sense of warmth and freshness to the early season. Floral chiffon dresses and solid silk tops with matching pants filled the collection with refreshing hues. White knit, ankle-length dresses hinted with a touch of skin exposure at the waist for another flowy and flirty detail.

While a maroon dress and hale-clipped black coat wowed the audience, Stuart also boldly played with a more autumnal, clean-cut silhouette, transforming it into elegance with the sheen of the luxurious silk fabric. This genius use of silk could definitely set a trend. Most wearable and street style worthy was the long-sleeved floral top and loose pink pant. It will definitely be sure to stick with bloggers and trendsetters alike just as all of Stuart’s creations from this Spring/Summer 2016 collection.
Yachun Peng is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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