Katie Gallagher Spring/Summer 2016

Carson Kessler, Contributing Writer

Known for its bold and quick-paced culture, Chinatown radiates a sense of avant-garde confidence, while simultaneously exuding a delicate grace. Designer Katie Gallagher drew inspiration from the popular neighborhood, hoping to capture the essence of her favorite place in Manhattan.

As aromatic incenses burned throughout the venue, drumming and electronic tones began. Deep cherry and golden hues suddenly consumed the runway, intermixed with the intense solid black and white fabrics of her collection. The duality of Chinatown culture was mirrored throughout the materials and intricate accessories.

The fabrics ranged from dainty white silks, which Gallagher included to mimic the color of the morning, to edgier cotton tulle. While each model sported a tight, slick bun, graphic red and black lips and asymmetrical jewelry, Gallagher also added rabbit fur hair puffs and minimalist bracelets to soften the beauty look in order to appear more poppy and sweet.

Another important aspect of the show was the versatility of the collection. The clothing spanned from swimsuits made for tanning in the Hamptons to chic blazers for an evening escapade. Reappearing throughout the Spring/Summer 2016 collection was the growing trend of the cutout, most commonly adorning most of the collection’s dresses and swimsuits.

The relaxing, yet upbeat atmosphere of the venue highlighted Gallagher’s love for her neighborhood; however, the versatility of the clothing and fabrics, as well as the extreme attention to detail demonstrated through the implementation of both edgy and delicate accessories is truly what transported the audience to his or her own special Chinatown.

Carson Kessler is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]