Jorge Arteaga Spring/Summer 2016


The vibe was very relaxed and comfortable as guests mingled and waited for upcoming designer Jorge Arteaga to present his fifth collection today at The Drama League in lower Manhattan. The show was made for a diverse clientele and it featured everything from a matching peach lace set to a tight black lace lingerie-inspired cocktail dress. This smaller collection featured only seven looks but still retained his feminine aesthetic seen in his previous collections while having a more modern and formal flair.

The stand out pieces highlighted the curves of the models. One look that particularly stood out was the white sheer lace midi dress that had some more modest vintage accents such as small white flower embellishments and a higher neckline. In contrast, two black looks were sexier and showed off the models collarbones and back. The black jumpsuit featured a very on-trend open back with crossed lace straps.

However a blue satin loose V-neck dress had quite the opposite  effect and appeared to swallow the models small frame. In addition, the satin looks had very unique sashes with hanging black feathers. It was definitely a statement it seemed to deviate from the rest of the collection’s more classic silhouettes.


The makeup and hair was very cohesive, red lips, contoured, and sleeked buns with side bang style continued feathers in the hair. Accessories were very minimal except for a gold chain necklace or bracelet complementing the black looks. Arteaga said that he wanted to focus on the details and create looks that don’t need to be mixed around too much but essentially work as one piece, a completed look.

Arteaga is looking forward to his pre-fall collection which will launch sometime between the last week in November and the first week of December.

Minnie Ongsricharoenporn is a contributing writer and Madison Reis is a Staff Writer. Email them at [email protected]



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