Rubin & Chapelle Spring/Summer 2016

Rubin & Chapelle took their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection in a different direction. Stepping back from traditional presentations and shows, Rubin & Chapelle showcased their pieces in consultant Daniel Moloney’s apartment, bringing the viewer closer to the clothes.

The Californian inspiration of the collection could be attributed to Rubin & Chapelle’s core retail following in Malibu. The Cali vibe can especially be seen in the color and shape of breezy tops, dresses and pants. The garments themselves focus on the balance between the sharpness of a tuxedo and the ease of a t-shirt.

There was a heavy emphasis on silk and bias-cut pieces, often complemented with pops of vibrant reds, pinks, blues and yellows. Contrasts between neutrals and vivacious bright colors made their way onto neutral tops that stood out with colorful hemlines back detailing, and English leaf prints. One jumpsuit stood out with its particular attention to craftsmanship and tuxedo-inspired detail. The modern shapes combined with the traditional cut and artistry allowed the clothes to shine.

This season, Rubin & Chapelle focused on bringing their clothes to the everyday, effortless woman, no matter what her profession may be. The clothes are meant to highlight diversity and the universal ease at which any woman can wear them. The designers’ favorite personalities model Pat Cleveland, singer Natalia Kills, and model Gia Genevieve were photographed to serve as examples of how each design can work with any body type.
The unique salon presentation brought a homey atmosphere to the viewing and really broke the barrier between viewer and clothes. Moloney summed up the experience that Rubin & Chappelle tried to encapsulate stating the clothes are truly “about the craft and how the clothes are built.”


Selina Cheah is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]



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