Music program welcomes director

Larry Miller is the new director of Steinhardt’s music business program.

Music entrepreneur Larry Miller launches his tenure as the new director of the Steinhardt music business program. Miller hopes to continue to prepare students to become leaders in the ever-changing music marketplace. Formerly a music associate professor in the program, Miler succeeds Catherine Moore, who had directed the program since 1997.

Miller, a seasoned radio executive and music entrepreneur, joined the Steinhardt faculty in 2013 with extensive experience in the business of radio, record music, music publishing, digital music service and music products. Most recently, Miller launched the highly successful music business podcast “Musonomics” with NYU students.

From his newly appointed position, Miller hopes to enhance the prestige of the music business program. In doing so, cultivating a more diverse environment for students.

“The programs are in fantastic shape, both undergraduate and graduate,” Miller said. “The thing that I want to focus on for the next few years is dramatically improving the visibility of our programs in the United States, in the industry and around the world. I want everyone who has ever thought about studying music business to think first about music business programs at NYU Steinhardt.”


Miller emphasizes the program’s global approach as one of the key components that attracts students to the program.

“Our global graduate program gets students to study in London and Rio during J-terms,” Miller said. “For undergraduates, they get opportunities to go to Prague, Paris, London or Sydney to study. It’s not just about American music business. This is a global industry.”

Seeing the impressive amount of talent in the student body, Miller is confident about the continuous progress of the program.

“They are incredible. I consider myself privileged to stand in front of them,” Miller said. “So on the one hand, is the music business on a downward trend? Yes, it is, certainly for physical music. But I am more than hopeful when I look at them.”

Steinhardt junior Karina Barroso, a music business student working with Miller at “Musonomics,” believes Miller will foster a new potential while continuing to grow the program and its visibility.

“He will bring such great leadership to the hungry students because he doesn’t allow us to stay safe in our everyday thinking, our imagination or our goals,” Barroso said. “Larry sets the example that by keeping up to date in the industry, learning from personal experience and thinking outside the box, one can definitely make the most of their efforts in the music business.”

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