New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Illustration of a blonde woman on a black and white album cover clutching her head with both hands.

Review: Taylor Swift is back, better and sooner than ever

Released two hours after the original album dropped, Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology,” proves her mastery in lyricism and a complete understanding of her sound.
Emily Genova, Deputy Managing Editor April 24, 2024

Taylor Swift fans dropped everything Thursday night to listen to the newly-released “The Tortured Poets Department,” a compilation of 65 minutes of heartbreak, angst and regret....

Five musicians sitting and holding a goblet drum, two jahlas, a mirwas and a tabla.

Songs of the sea: How an NYU professor’s ensemble musically maps cultural exchange

Explore the musical exchanges between the Arabian Peninsula and the Swahili coast with Boom.Diwan, a band started by NYU alum and professor Ghazi Faisal Al-Mulaifi.
Leila Anderson, Contributing Writer March 7, 2024

Buzzing drums, rhythmic clapping and melodic singing — this is the yearslong story of trading between the Persian Gulf and Africa’s Swahili coast. This music embraces traditional...

A man with dreads plays the guitar while singing into a microphone.

Review: ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ is only pleasing to the ear

While the recently released biopic recreates some of the magic from Bob Marley’s music, it fails to thoughtfully explore the reggae superstar’s legacy.
Tony Jaeyeong Jeong, Staff Writer February 22, 2024

Renowned Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley was a multidimensional cultural icon. Dubbed the “King of Reggae,” he was a pioneer in the Reggae music scene who constantly...

A small film crew stands in a cathedral with camera equipment, filming a woman in a long blue dress. A woman in a long blue dress. Behind the film crew, two people sit with cellos, and larger group of people are seated like an audience.

Review: ‘Maestro’ is a grand celebration of an American icon

Bradley Cooper’s sophomore directorial effort sees the star almost unrecognizable as Leonard Bernstein, exploring his tumultuous relationship.
Madeline Kane, Staff Writer December 4, 2023

Hollywood favorite Bradley Cooper stars as American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein in his sophomore directorial effort, “Maestro.” With career-best performances from...

Ennio Morricone sits with his eyes closed and his hands moving in front of his face.

MoMA features Ennio Morricone in upcoming film retrospective

Through these screenings highlighting the composer’s most popular projects, his iconic scores get the recognition they deserve.
Bianca Maiocchi, Contributing Writer December 1, 2023

From spaghetti westerns to classic Italian films, cinematic masterpieces are known not only for their stunning visuals, but also for their timeless musical scores. And, for many...

A man in a red short sleeve shirt with a graphic of a car and silver basketball shorts stands next to a white creature with pink horns. To the left of the man a purple figure lays on the ground next to a gray chair in a dark navy and beige wood room.

Review: ‘Blanket’ is a lukewarm embrace of Kevin Abstract’s new style

The former Brockhampton rapper attempts to find his voice and reinvent himself in his first solo album after Brockhampton disbanded.
Alan Zhang, Contributing Writer November 15, 2023

After glimpses and teases during his live shows, Kevin Abstract released his first solo album since the disbanding of Brockhampton, an American hip hop boy band founded by...

Beyond NYU: From TikTok fame to onstage game

Beyond NYU: From TikTok fame to onstage game

Former student Sadie Jean spoke to WSN about her recent and sudden rise to fame after posting a song on TikTok, eventually making a name for herself and performing across the country.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor November 9, 2023

When Sadie Jean, a former student at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, first released her song “WYD Now?” she never imagined that it would blow up on TikTok overnight....

A person sits on a rock above the water wearing a multicolored top and brown boots.

Review: Squirrel Flower returns with an unmissable rock record ‘Tomorrow’s Fire’

The Chicago-based singer-songwriter applies heavy, atmospheric indie rock to aching, vivid storytelling.
Ethan Beck, Staff Writer October 25, 2023

Ella Williams begins her third album as Squirrel Flower with the song “i don’t use a trash can,” a reverb-soaked, stark anecdote about being completely transfixed by someone....

The silhouette of three women with their hair moving in the breeze standing in front of a beach facing the horizon.

Review: boygenius’ latest release “the rest” invites audiences on a spacial voyage

boygenius members Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker released an EP on Oct. 13.
Diana C. Sánchez González, Contributing Writer October 18, 2023

Marching around my all-girls Catholic high school and blasting “Me & My Dog” by boygenius through my headphones is a precious memory of mine. I was an angry 17-year-old...

A colorful portrait of Lynne Feldman on top of ‘Beyond NYU’ title.

Beyond NYU: Crafting sound waves and creating communities

Lynne Feldman spent her high school years dreaming of a career in music. Now, she is a seasoned sound editor-turned-social worker.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor September 21, 2023

Emmy award nominee and Steinhardt alum Lynne Feldman knew that she wanted to study music in college. Despite an earlier career in sound editing, she later chose a different path,...

Icelandic-Chinese artist Laufey wearing a light blue dress, sits in front of a piano while turning her head back to look at the camera.

Review: Laufey’s latest album ‘Bewitched’ is an ode to the dreamers

The Icelandic-Chinese artist introduced young audiences to classical jazz with her new album.
Diana C. Sánchez González, Contributing Writer September 21, 2023

Laufey, the rising 24-year-old jazz star, invites young people to escape into a dreamlike, misty world in her sophomore album “Bewitched,” released Friday, Sept. 8.  This...

Teezo Touchdown’s debut album is an alternative hip-hop masterpiece

After touring with the likes of Tyler, The Creator and collaborating with Don Toliver, the Texas songwriter finally released his first album.
Abigail Chang, Contributing Writer September 18, 2023

Teezo Touchdown, otherwise known as Aaron Thomas, is one of the hip-hop industry’s most anticipated emerging artists. After listening to his debut album, “How Do You...