New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Five people celebrating with confetti holding three large prize checks for $75,000.

NYU startup founders take their concepts to the next level

Startups at NYU won $225,000 in seed funding at this year’s Entrepreneurs Challenge.
Matt Petres, Photo Editor May 2, 2024

Launching a startup is not for the faint of heart — it’s a high-stakes task that many might deem borderline insane. Startup founders are a special breed of dreamers: bold,...

An illustration of a colorful portrait of Trinity Mouzon Wofford above black-and-white text stating ‘Beyond N.Y.U.’

Beyond NYU: A wellness entrepreneur’s journey from Violet to Golde

CAS alum Trinity Mouzon Wofford, the CEO of the wellness brand Golde, became the youngest Black woman to launch a brand at Sephora in 2019.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor November 2, 2023

When CAS alum Trinity Mouzon Wofford began her college journey, majoring in psychology on a pre-med track, her goal was to enter the medical field as a physician. After her mother...

An illustration of a scanned letter document and a screenshot of an email against a background of purple gradient.

NYU reaffirms commitment to fossil fuel divestment

The university will avoid direct investments in fossil fuel companies — of which it currently has none — after a push from student activists, building on a previous announcement made in February 2022.
Bruna Horvath, Deputy News Editor September 18, 2023

NYU reiterated that it would avoid direct investments in fossil fuels and look to reduce indirect investments in a recent letter to student environmental group Sunrise NYU, after...

An outline of the SoHo and NoHo neighborhoods drawn in light purple on top of a turquoise background, with various buildings outlined in black and some colored purple.

Village advocates side with city, challenge NYU rezoning lawsuit

In a motion, many neighborhood organizations supported a provision banning university uses in rezoned parts of SoHo and NoHo and asked the court to order an environmental review of NYU expansion plans in the area if the university is successful in court.
Carmo Moniz, News Editor January 27, 2023

A consortium of Greenwich Village neighborhood advocacy organizations have filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit that was previously filed by NYU against New York City. The...

Nine attendees, one professor and nine students, of the Groom Law Group event stand on a balcony.

NYU DC Career Week is not to be missed

During Career Week, NYU Washington, D.C., sheds light on different industries and guides students through a web of professional activities.
Rahul Mahesh, Staff Writer April 25, 2022

WASHINGTON 一 Situated in one of the country's most important cities, NYU Washington, D.C., is buzzing with job opportunities, internships and clerkships for students of all years...

An illustration of a Rooted Fare Dried Chili Sichuan Sauce jar with red chilis and garlic bulbs laying next to it.

NYU alum’s business partners with immigrant chefs to spread the sauce around

With help from her aunt and a childhood friend, Steinhardt alum Ashley Xie’s school project has become a business that supports immigrant chefs by helping their sauces reach a national market.
Jules Roscoe, UTA Staff Editor March 2, 2022

Anyone who has tried their hand at cooking knows that the sauce is the hardest part of a dish to get right. Too much salt, too little garlic — it's a complicated yet sacred element...

After NYU sophomore Meghana Kakubal took up baking during the pandemic, she founded Hamsa Cakes, an online baking business. For her desserts, Kakubal blends Indian flavors with popular American baked goods. (Photo by Meghana Kakubal)

Hamsa Cakes: An NYU student’s quarantine baking obsession turned business

CAS sophomore Meghana Kakubal didn’t know how to bake before quarantine. Now, she has a baking business inspired by Indian flavors and art that serves her community and those in need. 
Juliana Guarracino, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

You probably remember the baking craze that came with the beginning of quarantine. You might have baked banana bread or a sourdough loaf if you were looking for a challenge. Many...

Local businesses near Washington Square Park experienced a difficult time during the COVID-19 lockdown and only recovered when the campus reopened. They form the backbone of the neighborhood, and NYU students and faculty function as a major source of income. (Photos by Camille Harvell)

Return to campus eases 18 months of financial distress for local businesses

Bagel Bob’s, Irving Farm and many other businesses near campus are household names around NYU. During the height of the pandemic, however, they almost disappeared for good.
Api Dhadda, Contributing Writer September 29, 2021

Peter Karounos’ family has owned and operated University Floral Design on University Place since 1928. But in the months following March 2020, the pandemic wrought nearly irreparable...

University Floral is located on the corner of University Place and 10th Street. The familiar, family-owned store has created beautiful bouquets and displays for many years. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

A Family Business and a Whole Lot of Flowers

A family-owned business delivers beautiful bouquets at University Place.
Fatimah Zeni, Staff Writer February 25, 2020

University Floral Design at 51 University Place has been selling flowers to the people of New York since 1928. Looking in from the outside, it’s hard to miss their beautiful...

Nya-Simone Spann is a freshman at Stern who has her own jewelry business. Her brand is focused on creating pieces fit for a diverse range of customers.(Photo by Katherine Hollis)

First-Year’s Jewelry Business Encourages Inclusion

A Stern student uses her business mind and creativity to embolden women of color and promote diversity.
Nya Etienne, Staff Writer February 18, 2020

Stern first-year Nya-Simone Spann is the founder and CEO of the fashion-forward accessories brand Simone’s Pieces. Her warm personality and firm belief in her business is testimony...

NYU Stern School of Business and the Switzerland Université de Genéve will work together to launch the Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights, the first Human Rights Center at a business school in Europe. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Following Stern’s Lead, University of Geneva Opens Center for Business and Human Rights

The center will collaborate with the University of Sydney to develop human rights benchmarks for the financial service sector and look at sustainable sourcing of cobalt from the Congo.
Rocio Fabbro, Contributing Writer November 22, 2019

The University of Geneva will follow the Stern School of Business’ lead and launch a Center for Human Rights — the first institution of its kind in Europe — on Nov. 25. The...

Downtown Nashville skyline on the Cumberland River. (Via Flickr)

NYU to Launch Study Away Site in Nashville This J-Term

The program will focus on music business and teach students the ins and outs of designing a record label.
Julia Baxley, Staff Writer October 9, 2019

The country music hub of the U.S., Nashville, Tennessee, will be home to a new study away program this upcoming J-term, joining the ever-growing list of cities with an NYU presence. The...