Pas de Calais Spring/Summer 2015

David Bologna, Beauty and Style Editor

Harmonious in palette, textile, form, and purpose, Japan-based brand Pas de Calais debuted an ethereal Spring/Summer 2015 collection sweeping spectators away in a wave of emotion.

Hues of chalk white illuminated striped sheer blouses and knee-length slips. Tapered in wisps of blue denim, airy vests bellowed with a soft ocean roar as they flowed to cinched waists and loose, full hemlines. Drawstring pants elevated the traditionally taboo sweatpant with irresistible ease while menswear inspired pants in invisible pinstriped prints continued the label’s signature credo of casual silhouettes washed with elegance.

Williamsburg-hipster hats hung upon many backs of the gliding models which almost disrupted the beach-like fantasy of the entire show, entitled “Gathering.” With an almost jungle-safari feel, the headpieces could have easily been limited to but a few looks. This would have paradoxically solidified the languid feel of the sea conveyed in every slouchy, chic piece.

Polka-dot scarves appeared to be the perfect accessory to break up clean looks of pale blue shorts and rustic tie-dyed ombre skirts. The other standout accessory to prove its seasonal staying power was the flat. Spliced with cutouts that bordered Coachella chic, the glittered oxfords dominated the presentation and could pose a threat to the towering heel of seasons past.

The standout look of the collection was also the simplest of them all. Striking model Sofia in an “Ai-Zome” dress drew the attention of every eye in the room with her waistless silhouetted piece that began at her chest. Two straps held the dress with dangerous security that complemented the look’s almost strapless form. Frayed asymmetrical hemlines swished with every oxford-placed step, and true design genius tread the waters of spring.

Head designer Yukari Suda proved his growing mastery of the brand while also remaining true to its fundamental mission of natural balance and organic luxury.

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