Insomni-Act: Six Late-Night Spots to Know Around NYU

Spend your whole night or quickly treat yourself at one of these late-night spots.


With over 100 locations of the popular chain, Insomnia Cookies specializes in delivering and serving warm cookies. The store is open past midnight until 3 a.m. (Photo by Celia Tewey)

Celia Tewey and Sara Miranda

In the city that never sleeps, late night spots for students are abundant. Navigating the food scene of the largest city in the United States can be a challenge, especially as a college student on a tight budget. Here, we break down some of the most well-known late-night spots for food, drinks and dancing that are conveniently located near NYU’s residence halls and will not leave your wallet crying on a night out. Read on to discover how dorm life gives you access to some of New York City’s late-night establishments and offer a retreat from the dorms to the insomniacs in “the city that never sleeps.”

212 Hisae’s is considered a night out staple amongst many NYU students and for good reason. Located directly across from upperclassmen dorm Alumni Hall, this 21+ bar features a variety of affordable cocktails that range between $4 and $6, not to mention shots as low as $1 each. Feeling hungry? Get a bowl of salted edamame or two for the table to satisfy your post-drink cravings! 212 is the perfect option if you’re looking for an affordable bar to begin your night out. (Photo by Sara Miranda)
With over 100 locations, the popular chain, Insomnia Cookies, specializes in delivering and serving warm cookies. The store is open until 3a.m., offering a break from the cold winter outside to the night owls. With 6 cookies for only $13, the spot is a cheap and great find, and especially great for sharing! Luckily, two Insomnia stores are located within walking distance of NYU’s dorms in the East Village and Washington Square Park. Insomnia’s MacDougal St. shop is a three minute walk from Lipton Hall and a seven minute walk from Goddard Residential College, while their location on East 11th St. is a 4 minute walk from Third North and Alumni Hall. (Photo by Celia Tewey)
If you’re looking for a vintage-y way to spend your night, Beauty Bar on 14th St. will take you straight to 1950s New York! Just steps away from Coral Tower or a five minute walk from Palladium and University Hall, Beauty Bar serves a variety of artisan martinis in a 1950s hair salon. The bar also doubles as a dance club with a live DJ. (Photo by Sara Miranda)
Self-proclaimed as “The Greenwich Village Institution,” Joe’s Pizza is a post-night out spot you have to visit at least once in your career as an NYU student. Joe’s is in prime real estate, steps away from Palladium, a two minute walk from University Hall, and a one minute walk from Coral Tower. Don’t live in the vicinity of Joe’s 14th St. location? Joe’s has another spot on Carmine Street, a five minute walk from Lipton Hall. At $3 a slice at minimum, these warm, gooey pies are satisfying with every bite. End your night with a slice of Joe’s, and you’ll be going to be with a happy stomach. (Photo by Sara Miranda)
Customizable gourmet macaroni and cheese dishes are the specialty of S’Mac on 1st Avenue. Open until 5a.m. on weekends, the restaurant is a unique find of affordable, gourmet food in the East Village. A fresh, warm bowl of mac-n-cheese is only a 7 minute walk away from Third North, an 8 minute walk from Founder’s Hall and a 10 minute walk from Alumni Hall. At an average of $13 per meal, this gourmet spot is a unique find! (Photo by Celia Tewey)
There are eight locations of Westside Market in Manhattan, most are open 24 hours. This grocery store is an excellent stop for students around campus at all hours of the day, which means there are no excuses for not keeping up with your weekly groceries. In fact, Westside Market is located directly across the street from Third North, a two minute walk from Founder’s Hall and a five minute walk from Alumni Hall. (Photo by Celia Tewey)

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