Fringe Fall 2019

The city never sleeps, but at what cost? The hustle and bustle synonymous with Manhattan are inspiring in theory but not always in practice. How do we know when we need a break before we ourselves break? Oftentimes, the panacea for our stress and struggles is simply spending quality time, whether alone or with others, and picnics are the perfect medium in which to do so. Even a simple pizza party on a roof can be the perfect escape.

This issue is here to serve as a reminder to take a breather — to set aside some time to get reacquainted with your friends, your family and yourself. The makeup is simple and understated, and the wardrobe incorporates classic basics with simple statement pieces, underscoring soft self-expression and keeping it casual.

Thank you to Beacon’s Closet in Greenpoint for lending us so many of the pieces that were featured in this issue. 

Thank you to my dear deputies Bella Gil and Calais Watkins. Bella, our lovely Beauty & Style Editor, thank you for helping me with everything from transporting clothing, navigating my many, many spreadsheets and worrying about things so I didn’t have to (and for scouring the streets of New York at 10 p.m. for a picnic basket). Calais, our wonderful and ever-hilarious dining editor, thank you for taking charge of the food side of this issue. It turned out beautifully, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, your dear father Dave Watkins and your roommate Bella Bohren.


Bomin Ahn, my lovely friend and Fringe muse, thank you so much for generously opening up your closet to me and lending us so many beautiful dresses and tops. You really brought it for all three (!) of the shoots, and I will forever be grateful for everything you contributed to this issue.

Thank you to Chan Young Kang, Kindi Frey, Olivia Massiah and Brittany Alexander for modeling with such grace and glamour. You all could have fooled me into believing you guys had been lifelong friends. I hope you all had fun during the shoot — I know I did.

A huge thank you to Hugo Rubin, for allowing us to shoot on your roof and for being such a gracious host. You are the best.

To Ellie Ballou and Sara Miranda, our Under the Arch Multimedia Editors, thank you for capturing such stunning images while running all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and soldiering through that 12-hour workday. Thank you to our Creative Directors Sophia Di Iorio and Deborah Alalade for the marvelous layout and for taking the time to choose and curate the perfect photos. 

Thank you to Under the Arch Managing Editor Guru Ramanathan for making sure that things ran smoothly behind the scenes. Thank you to Under the Arch Senior Reporter Anna (Fin) Muratova for contributing your lovely words. To our Under the Arch Video Producer Claire Feng, thank you for creating such a terrific video to accompany this issue and to Taylor Wong for your web-savvy expertise.

And finally, a tremendous thank you to my roommates and Under the Arch Editors Arin Garland and Anna de la Rosa. Arin, thank you for your limitless emotional support and for knowing just what to say when I need it. Anna, thank you for juggling so many tasks and for helping out with everything even when you were at your busiest. And thank you for writing another wonderful piece. I love you both so much.

And with that, I invite you to take a break with us and join our picnic. I hope you enjoy.

Good Eats



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