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Junior Josh Katz balances his Stern studies with running his 300,000 subscriber YouTube channel, that has attracted a total of almost 60 million views. Katz is one of a number of NYU students that lead successful YouTube sites.

On the Job: YouTubers

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Apr 26, 2017
NYU is known for their celebrities, but one might not always think of NYU's YouTube celebrities.
Freshman Aaliyah Jackson takes advantage of NYUs free bike share program. She uses the bikes for her job as a bike messenger.

On the Job: Aaliyah Jackson Bikes for Bucks

Pamela Jew, Staff Writer Feb 7, 2017
Steinhardt freshman Aaliyah Jackson uses NYU's BikeShare program to work as a courier around the city.
Jain at his internship with Good Morning America.

On the Job: Two Schools and an Edge in the Entertainment Industry

Faith Gates , Staff Writer Dec 7, 2016
Senior Shobhit Jain balances an intern with "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," a dual degree program in Stern and Tisch and an R.A. position at Hayden Hall. How does he do it?
Tandon announces that they’re building a new $500 million academic building

On The Job: Interning at NASA

Aiysha Sadana, Contributing Writer Nov 21, 2016
Marikje Jorritsma does it all. She currently interns at NASA, helping to develop the Mars Rover, and is a masters student at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering.
CAS senior Daniella Haviv, works at the Manhattan District Attorneys Office.

On the Job: Working at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Lily Li, Staff Writer Nov 11, 2016
CAS senior Daniella Haviv talks about her work at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.
Steinhardt freshman Oliver Wang tutors at University Neighborhood Middle School in Brooklyn.

On the Job: America Reads and Counts

Faith Gates, Staff Writer Nov 4, 2016
Although NYU gives students many different opportunities to earn scholarship money through work study jobs, the most popular job for students is the America Reads program, which attracts more than 1,000 volunteers each year.
Junior Naomi Markman balances her Gallatin studies with shifts at the Trader Joe’s by Palladium, which happens to be the busiest in the country.

On the Job: Eight-Hour Shift at Trader Joe’s

Lily Li, Staff Writer Oct 24, 2016
For Gallatin junior Naomi Markman, working at the busiest Trader Joe's in the country means eight hour-long shifts that end past midnight.
Tisch sophomore Alston Watson works at “2BNY” magazine as a creative director, illustrator, concept artist, and producer.

On the Job: Artist Alston Watson

Paggie Tan, Contributing Writer Oct 11, 2016
Tisch sophomore Alston Watson founded, produces and designs "2BNY" Magazine, which features original work from hundreds of NYC artists.
NYU’s College of Nursing student, Nicole Hayashi, interns at the NYU Hospital.

On the Job: Nursing Edition

Faith Gates, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2016
Read about the lives of students in the College of Nursing, who get hands-on experience working at local NYC hospitals!
Tisch sophomore Jacob Iritani works extremely hard to manage a heavy course load, while also working an internship multiple days a week.

On the Job: Election Edition

Dyanna Fleites-Cruz , Contributing Writer Sep 23, 2016
For Tisch Sophomore Jacob Iritani, balancing an internship with his packed Film and Television course load is not an easy feat.

On the Job: Miranda Zhou

Yeho Hwang, Staff Writer Dec 7, 2015
An installation in the On The Job series on Stern sophomore Miranda Zhou.

On the Job: Kathy Wu

Sherrilyn Ling, Contributing Writer Nov 24, 2015
The On the Job series continues with Kathy Wu, who works as a part-time intern for JPMorgan Chase, but doesn't let that get in the way of her NYU activities.