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NYU’s wrestling team is looking forward for the new upcoming season as new promising members have been recruited. Their new season will be kicked off on Nov. 4 at the Monarch Tournament hosted by King’s College.

Wrestling Season Preview

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Oct 2, 2017
NYU wrestling expresses a positive outlook on their upcoming season.
NYU Swimming and Diving team hopes to conquer a new victory this upcoming season

Splashing Into a New Season

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Sep 25, 2017
NYU Swimming and Diving looks forward to the upcoming season.
NYU students pack Bobst Library as they brace for midterm month.

Converting Sound Pollution Into White Noise

Alice Li, Contributing Writer May 1, 2017
Before moving to New York, many NYU students are inclined to believe that it is possible to find peace and quiet in the City that never sleeps. Contrary to what movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s depict, it is impossible to take a quiet solitary walk down Fifth Avenue.
Junior Josh Katz balances his Stern studies with running his 300,000 subscriber YouTube channel, that has attracted a total of almost 60 million views. Katz is one of a number of NYU students that lead successful YouTube sites.

On the Job: YouTubers

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Apr 26, 2017
NYU is known for their celebrities, but one might not always think of NYU's YouTube celebrities.
Chin hopes Share Meals will help battle food insecurity and bring the NYU community together.

Grad Student Fights Hunger and Loneliness on Campus

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Feb 2, 2017
After reading posts about students facing food insecurity on the NYU Secrets page, alumnus Jon Chin created an app to combat hunger and loneliness on campus.
Hangovers are like roller coasters - just like the one from Winter Wonderland in London.

Hang in There: It’s Only a Hangover

Alice Li, Staff Writer Dec 2, 2016
Suffering from a hangover? Some experienced NYU students chimed in with their advice.
Lauren Scales and her strong dedication to music puts her soulful songwriting high up on the scale.

Steinhardt Student Scales the Jazz Industry

Alice Li, Staff Writer Nov 29, 2016
After a musical upbringing, Lauren Scales is now singing scales of her own.
Alice Li challenged herself to do a random act of kindness every day for a week.

I Tried… Doing a Random Act of Kindness Every Day for a Week

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Nov 18, 2016
Alice tried doing a random act of kindness every day for a week, and it went surprisingly well.
Friends work on schoolwork in Brittany Residence Hall, allowing them to be productive while getting to know each other.

Making Friends in Lonely New York City

Alice Li, Staff Writer Nov 8, 2016
Students discuss the trials and tribulations of finding friends at NYU.
Alice Tsoir is a 20-year-old LS freshman who feels mentally separated from her usually 18-year-old peers.

Adapting to NYU as an Older Freshman

Alice Li, Staff Writer Oct 21, 2016
Though most freshman enter as 18 or 19 year olds, some students decide to travel or join the military before their freshman year.
The NYU Public Safety Office, located at 7 Washington Place, is open 24/7 for whatever you may need.

Security in and of Cities

Alice Li, Contributing Writer Oct 7, 2016
NYU's various study abroad sites have security measures in place to keep students safe at any NYU location across the globe.