New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

The exterior of the top floor of a building which has a purple N.Y.U. Langone Health sign. A blue sky above.

NYU Langone earns highest grade in inpatient safety ratings

The hospital’s inpatient locations recently received a safety grade of ‘A,’ the highest rank possible, for the seventh time.
Yasmeen Rifai, Contributing Writer November 8, 2023

NYU Langone Health earned the grade of ‘A’ in safety ratings for its inpatient facilities released on Nov. 6. It is the seventh time NYU Langone receives the highest grade...

Three medicine boxes and one tube of ointment on top of a table.

As the weather cools, students lean into family medicinal practices

With sickness in the air, NYU students share their stories on the traditional Chinese medicine, Southern herbal cures and Indian Ayurveda they use to stay healthy.
Teresa Mo and Polina Belova October 21, 2023

Cough drops are flying off shelves and scarves are becoming a staple accessory: winter is approaching. Combined with our collective midterm stress, prioritizing our mental and...

An illustration of entangled black and white lines in a circular shape against a background of large blue dots.

Two NYU studies face off at STAT Madness

The science competition will feature two NYU studies competing against each other in the bracket-style tournament.
Nikki Mirala, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

Put down the basketball and pick up a beaker — it’s time for STAT Madness. This year, two NYU research studies focusing on gum disease and cancer, respectively, have been entered...

An illustration of a woman with her eyes closed laying down against a red background. Numerous connectors and cords are attached to her face via white patches.

Patients remain conscious during cardiac arrest, NYU study finds

The study is the first to find potential evidence of conscious thoughts during near-death experiences and found brain waves associated with high-level thinking up to an hour into CPR.
Bryn Borzillo, Senior Staff Writer December 6, 2022

One in five people who survive cardiac arrest have conscious lucid experiences during the episode, according to a recent study conducted by researchers at NYU’s Grossman School...

The text “My Skin of Color” is written in front of a woman holding her hand to her skin. The image is enclosed in a dark beige circle, and a depiction of space is in the background.

Beyond NYU: Addressing historical injustices in dermatology

Each week, WSN sits down with an NYU student, faculty member or alum who’s making change beyond the university. Langone alum Gibran Shaikh shares how his dermatology company caters to people of color, treating conditions while keeping history in mind.
Abby Wilson, News Editor October 14, 2022

Gibran Shaikh, a certified dermatologist and NYU Grossman School of Medicine alum, is seeking to address historical inequalities in healthcare through his recently launched dermatology...

The outside entrance of N.Y.U Langone Health’s main campus with a road sign in front of the modern building with a glass facade.

NYU Langone ranks No. 1 in leadership and ambulatory care

NYU Langone jumped four spots for quality leadership and has held the top spot in ambulatory care since last year, according to new rankings.
Carmo Moniz, Deputy News Editor September 22, 2022

NYU Langone Health is No. 1 in outpatient care and quality leadership, according to new healthcare rankings that were released on Thursday, Sept. 22. The updated numbers, determined...

A body diagram depicting the layers of skin cells.

Langone Discovered New Organ in the Human Body

Christine Lee, Staff Writer April 6, 2018
An NYU Langone professor is one of three researchers responsible for the discovery of a new organ, a layer of fluid-filled spaces known as the interstitium.
Opioid Epidemic Starts With Corrupt Doctors

Opioid Epidemic Starts With Corrupt Doctors

Tyler Crews, Opinion Editor March 19, 2018
NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing professor Holly Hagan recently discussed the negative role of doctors in the Opioid Crisis. While President Donald Trump is concerned with building his wall, the doctors on the inside are overprescribing drugs to their patients
A research team at NYU Dentistry has developed a saliva test to detect the zika virus.

NYU Dentistry Develops Saliva Test for Zika

Jack Feeko, Contributing Writer March 1, 2018
Researchers at the NYU College of Dentistry are working to develop a test which would use saliva to identify the presence of the Zika virus.
Researchers at the Desplan Lab have new understanding of glial cells in the brain and could be closer to developing a treatment for epilepsy.

Researchers Inch Closer to Epilepsy Treatment

Flavia Sinha, Contributing Writer September 11, 2017
Researchers at the NYU Desplan Lab discovered the role of seizure-driving cells in brain development.
Why The Head Transplant Should Happen

Why The Head Transplant Should Happen

Adryan Barlia, Staff Writer April 3, 2017
However, this procedure should most definitely be pursued considering the history it would make and what it would mean for the advancement of dealing with paralysis.
NYU Langone, NYU’s hospital and medical school. Patients were forced to move last weekA number of pre-medical students have raised concerns about the quality of advising in CAS, claiming it is increasing the length of their medical education.

Q&A: NYU Neurologist Lawrence Newman

Phyllis Lam, Contributing Writer February 13, 2017
Neurologist Lawrence Newman recently joined the NYU Langone Medical Center as the new director and clinical professor for the Division of Headache Medicine.